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Photos on the way (not coming later, actual photos I took while on the way, now).

Rai Ley.

Aonang is a little higher end tourist resort town about a half an hour away from Krabi. Not an outstanding beach, but the town is very European tourist oriented and is pretty popular.

A pretty drive through the karsts between Krabi and Aonang.

I visited the nearby Tiger temple and saw that they had a viewpoint Temple at the top of one of the Karsts. 1237 steps to the top. It was hot, humid, and sweaty.

Did I mention sweaty. It took about a half an hour sitting in the shade at the top before I stopped dripping. Australian girls take 45 minutes.

Some good views.

Photos at the top.

More monkey vs monk shenanigans.

Cats, dogs, Monks, but no monkeys, why is that?

My next stop was not actually an island, but since you had to take a boat there I consider it island like. Rai Ley is actually a sort of isthmus sandwiched between walls of impenetrable cliffs. As there are not very many tourists in town the four of us that showed up in the morning to go had to pay 200B vs the normal 150B for the 45 minute long tail ride.

Rock climbing is the thing to do in Krabi. I have zero interest in climbing.

I decided to stay as far away as possible from the beach. This was the last bungalow resort twenty minutes from the beach. I had the last bungalow in the far left. Jungle living at it’s best. Dragged the mattress and slept out on the balcony.

Body by squid and slurpee. Off season is a great time to visit the tourist hot spots. This is the most popular beach and it was pretty much just me.

A secluded beach with caves, stalagtytes, calm blue waters, and a fine sunset.

I just thought this photo of an upscale resort looked very nice. My place wasn’t too far. Just around the corner actually. Well, around the corner of a towering limestone karst, through the box canyon, at the back. Segregation even in paradise. Bastards.

koh Phi Phi (Pee Pee)
Ride to Koh Phi Phi

The boat taxi to Phi Phi

White sands emerald water. Wow.

View from the viewpoint overlooking the narrow strip that is the tourist center Ton Sai village.

The bay.

Hat Yao or Long Beach is where I stayed. A 45 minute walk or 150b long boat ride to civilization.

Where next? More islands of course, whoopee, yeaaaa, awesome, crap.


7 responses to “Photos on the way (not coming later, actual photos I took while on the way, now).”

  1. Karie says:

    Nice 🙂

  2. Fucking a Steve… I can’t believe it… Hi mate this is Per (we did hardcore trekking in Ushuia acouple of years ago). I’m travelling by a small 110 cc old suzuki scooter. I was in Krabi one week ago. Right now I’m in Malaysia going around on my bike. Been on the road for 10 months now.

    I’m heading to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Stay in touch, and we can go of on a trek or a bike trip.

    Take care mate – talk to you soon.

  3. judy says:

    Hi Steve,
    A lot of those scenes could have been right here in the VI! Beautiful! Great pictures. I hope you can hook up with that Per guy—he sounds cool. Yeah Sasha!! What a girl! Not long now til you start your FIFTH year!!!!! Hard to believe so much water has passed under the bridge in what seems not much time! Thanks for all the blogs. judy

  4. steve says:

    Per (like beer),
    How are ya? Good hearing from you. I put a comment on your website. Good to hear that you are out and about (and close). I should be crossing to Malaysia tomorrow so maybe we can get together somewhere.


  5. steve says:

    Hey Judy,

    I think VI has better beaches and better coral reefs in general but the limestone karsts make a very dynamic background.


  6. Hi Mate.

    Just read your comment on my blog – hehe. Last time i saw Rachel was acouple of years ago. I visited her in Spain, and stayed at her place for a week or so. Last time i wrote with her she was teaching in Harlem.

    I bought the scooter at an auction in Chiang Mai (Northen Thailand). It cost me 6.000 baht, and I’ve been riding it for about 15.000 km. Doing Laos, northern Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and now Malaysia.

    I’m currently in Kuala Lumpur – getting a visa to China, which will be ready on the 1. of june. I’ll stay around Malaysia untill the 22’nd or so. Planning on going to China for a year teaching English and trying to pick up Chinese… hehe….

    It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to Smokey Joe (my bike). So which route are you doing? I’ll be here in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, then going to Melaka for acouple of days, but I’ll be back in Kuala Lumpur on sunday. I’m Staying at:

    Serai Inn & Hostel
    Jalan Hang Lekiu – 62

    You can find it at hostelworld. Dorms are 25 ringit, got air-con, free wifi, breakfast included. It’s quite good for Kuala Lumpur. and it’s pretty near the busstation too.

    Hope to see you champ. Have fun… The adjustment must be hard getting back to the whole going by bus thing again… I’m not looking forward to it myself.

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