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Photos of Lubumbashi, DRC

Steve's Lubumbashi map
A tourist map that I made. Not the easiest thing to make as it was worrisome making sure some cop or soldier didn’t see what I was doing. Not much info on the Congo so I thought I would help to bring back tourists.

train station (3).jpg
Some typical African food. The white stuff is Nsima which is maize (corn) meal that is boiled and served in lump form. You squeeze a bit together in your palm and use that to grip the food that you are eating. My favorite is with beef stew as having some sort of juice adds to the flavor. The nsima itself is pretty bland and is more of a filler than anything. The Africans are addicted to the stuff. Usually there is some sort of vegetable porridge as well like okra, cabbage, or peppers. For me though, can’t get enough of the beef. This was from a Big Mama’s food stall in Lusaka.

Lub train station.jpg
The train station.

cool church.jpg
A cool church. Very modern. Probably the first new complex since the war.

street view.jpgHeavy rain.City center
Street shot of the main street (Kabila Ave).

Copie de escape plan-1.jpg
This is my escape plan should problems arise. I’m wreckless but prepared wreckless.

Caa flight infoPricing guideCAA pricing guide
Flight info for CAA Airlines.

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4 responses to “Photos of Lubumbashi, DRC”

  1. Congolese Citizen says:

    I live in all these areas. Your comment are stupid and not informed.
    DRC is a beautifull country and peacefull the only spot of trouble is
    the border with ruanda. Not Lubumbashi you shit head !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A. Ngoyi says:

    right terminology is nshima and not nsima as written. Author is either very misinformed or else totally uneducated about DRC culture and history. It is utterly stupid to try to report on Africa using a white man’s lenses just as much as it would be unacceptable for a casual African visitor to judge the West using African scopes.
    These are the kind of bastard visitors Africa does not need, he should stay in his country where he belongs.

  3. snw2srf2stt says:

    Actually both Nsima and Nshima are used quite extensively. Languages become specific to specific locals, but in the wider perspective both are correct. Wikipedia will substantiate.

    The blog is from my perspective as a non local/tourist. What I see and experience is what I write. If you see something that is not correct, post it. I welcome more substantiated information. But be warned there will probably be someone else that has lived there longer than you and will say you are wrong and their perspective is correct. Kind of like the gentleman who responded about the information on the church.

    I would welcome you to write about your experiences/perspectives with the west. I think most people are more interested in a real life experience over reading an Encyclopedia.

  4. Mobby Mutanuka says:

    I agree with the writer on the Nsima part, it is used quite extensively, especially places bordering Zambia and Zambia itself.

    However the writer sounds as if there is so much fighting in Lubumbashi and people there are trigger hungry. i totally disagree. please get as much information before you post such articles I’ve been in and out of Congo for sometime now. Lubumbashi to be specific. it is such a beautiful and peaceful place. please go back and do your home work and then inform rightly.

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