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Photos: New 7th Wonder of the World, Petra, Jordan

Indiana Jones shot. The Al-Khazneh or Treasury
You first walk 1.2kms through the Siq or Canyon which suddenly opens up to the beautiful and awe-inspiring Al Khazneh or Treasury.

Street of Facades Camels and me Camel without me Cats are everywhere in the Middle East. Soldiers tomb or Garden Triclinium Al Deir the Monastery The Japanese guy. Central Petra overview from the Fortress
Random shots of Petra.

Wadi Musa sunset shot from dorm room.
A shot of the sunset over Wadi Musa the main town overlooking Petra. This was taken from the dorm room of the Valentine Hotel. They had an amazing buffet with grilled chicken, pilaf, baked potatoes, and 20 different plates of Mez (salads) all for $5US. Fantastic.

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2 responses to “Photos: New 7th Wonder of the World, Petra, Jordan”

  1. Dan says:

    Did you notice that you wrote almost as much about buffet at the Valentine Hotel as you did about the ruins of Petra? Getting into ruin overload, are you? Anyway, great pictures and I really envy you. I’ll be there some day.

  2. snw2srf2stt says:

    Dan- It was a really good buffet, what can I say. I did put brief descriptions on the photos themselves so if you add up all the letters, it comes pretty close. Petra was nice, I liked it better than Egypts stuff.


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