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Photos: Masai Mara, Kenya

Welcome to the Masai Mara rolling hills of the Mara Sausage tree used for making beer
Shots of the Mara.

Masai Warriors at fire ceremony.
Masai Warriors at our night fire ceremony.

Zebras are boring but still look pretty cool.

I’m not too impressed with Hippos, but they kill the most people of all the animals, so respect must be given.

Emu, I am not sure if they are the same as a Wildebeest, or what they do, but they sure seem like good eatin.

One of the big five, but they seem no different than a cow. I guess in the bush one of those bruisers could pound you into dust, but what I see, its another option for McDonalds.

Chhhheeeetttahhhh Cheeettttaaaahhhhhh
Fastest of the Cats.

Ellleeepphhaaaannnttt Elephant eyes
Elephants are my favorite and I think they are the King of the Jungle. Lions are lazy and nothing messes with a pissed off elephant. When an elephant gets pissed off, even the safari trucks will book it.

Tree lion female lion Lion male Pride lions stalking.JPG Resting lions in the shade of the bus
Lots of Lions in Masai Mara. They are so used to the tourists, that they will walk up to the trucks and lie in their shade. You could basically just lean out and give them a rub. Probably not such a good idea, but you could. I didn’t.

Beautiful snake
This snake popped up when we were driving around the Cheetah trying to get a better shot. It stood about a foot up wanting to fight the truck, it was pissed. The coloration was magnificent as I was able to see its stomach as well as the top. It was such a vibrant lime green. My favorite animal I have seen on this trip. I am going to do some research to find out what it is.

The campsite where I stayed.

Break down
Whats a trip in Africa without a breakdown. Thankfully it was just a flat tire.

Well, thats a good sampling of the big stuff. In the park there are hundreds of species of birds and smaller animals. Just not my thing, but they are there. Since we were able to get really close to most of the animals as they are so used to tourists, I tried to get more close up type shots to get more detail. I think they came out rather well.

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