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Photos: Market day, Solola, Guatemala

The central plaza was right in the middle of the market. This is the biggest market day in the area. Pretty much the whole town was lined with market stall. Not a tourist market, but primarily standard household good, vegetables, and other miscellaneous needs. It was also a family event as everyone would put on their Sundays best and head into town for a good time.

Clock tower.

Although pretty, the clothing also are used to identiful where you are from much like the crips and the bloods, but with less violence.




The textile area where you can pick up the very detailed cloth. Although you can buy standard cloth, a lot of the people have very stylized and intricate hand stitched outfits. Very ornate detail. Other places in the world have the pretty prints, but the hand weaved stuff here is much more ornate.

I picked up a helladelicious from this place. Strawberries much be in season as that seems to be the topping of choice.


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  1. Patricia Calvert says:

    which day is market day in solola, guatemala? i have read tues and fri on internet sites, Which day is it, or is there a daily market?? any info would be apprecited.

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