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Photos: Lake Atitlan and Panajachel

Unfortunately a bit hazy for photos but you can make out the many fingers sticking out into the lake.

The water taxi depot.

Lake, food, and wildlife.

I thought they were mining for gold, but they were just mining for sand and rocks, I am guessing for construction. Tough work.

The main plaza.

The market.

Market food. 15Q or about $1.90


2 responses to “Photos: Lake Atitlan and Panajachel”

  1. Josef Jaeger says:

    Dear Steve,

    I enjoy your website, particularly the recent photographs from Central America. Visited some of the places more than 30 years ago when I was a student. I share your passion for India where I spent half a year in the seventhies. Those who feel they cannot do without the sometimes sterile cleanliness of Western countries should stay there and leave colorful India to those who like it. Hope to re-start major travels soon as my kids are slowly becoming independent. Greetings from Austria. Josef Jaeger

  2. snw2srf2stt says:

    Hello Josef,

    Glad you liked the pics. I imagine things have changed quite a bit in thirty years (not sure better or worse). Fortunately I donĀ“t think Nicaragua has changed that much so I got a slight feel of what Cental America was probably like.

    Other cultures are exactly that, other cultures. Seeing and accepting the differences is what traveling is about. If you go to change things to the way that you have or prefer then I think that fits more under Imperialism.


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