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Photos: Key Afer 2

Just some quickie photos to keep things flowing.

The bus
Noa got stuck on the bus. You’ve heard of a Chinese fire drill, but how about an Ethiopian bus drill. You put 50 people on a bus that is supposed to hold 25. Then you have 50 other people waiting to get on when the bus comes to a stop. Now make it the last bus to home and see what happens. The smart people were shoving their kids through the windows to secure a spot. The aggressive ones climbed over the top of other people. The farenjis come out looking like they just rode under the bus.

Rat bastard
This is one of the touts. He was an alright guy because once I backed him off he stayed away, but when it came down to transportation, he was the first one trying to screw us over. They held firm at 200, but with our secret solution, we ended up paying 50.

On our way
Feel good time. We screwed over the touts, were on our way deep down into South Omo, and I got a great seat on a bag of grain. If there was only a Ethiopian princess wearing a bikini and carrying a coke….

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