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Photos: Juayua, El Salvador

Oooh, colorful and shiny. Must buy something.

Stuff stuff everywhere and all for sale.

Even without the tourist stuff, the town itself was situated pretty well. Not only was the weather perfect, but we were surrounded by our long lost pals, volcanoes. I watched a soccer game with volcanoes as the back drop. That was new.

If I show a photo of a volcano you gotta have one of a church.

If I buy a house, these are what the bathroom colors are going to be like. Pretty.

Sweet sweet churros.

The entry to the food courts.

This was my choice of lunch. Smoked ribs, sausages, and picnic goodies. It just makes me feel sorry for the Jews. Pork is the food of the gods.

Now, I wasn´t a total lazy ass. The owner of the hotel where I stayed almost guilted me into hiking down to the local waterfalls. It was the usual me walking and everybody else riding by in tuk tuks. It wasn´t a super tough hike, but it was dusty and somewhat up and down. The waterfalls were better than average but I made the mistake thinking that it was too cool to go for a swim. After walking an hour in the sun and dust, a nice dip in the pristine man made pools would have been nice.

Surprisingly they had some pretty viscious drop offs along a couple of narrow stretches.

The cascades.

I wasn´t expecting the water to be so pristine. Looks freaking inviting.


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