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Photos Granada, Nicaragua.


The central plaza was the kind of evening hang out place just at the beginning of the tourist street. It is kind of a shame that a lot of the restored colonial area is being bought up by foreigners. People visit a place that is great because there is a local grace to it and then they buy it up and then it goes to shit. These are one of the few times I support the dictators who come into power and take all the foreigners property away.




Just a fire in the Central Market. This was taken from my patio rocking chair. It had a great location and was in a beautiful old building.





And you thought parallel parking your car was hard. Horses can go in reverse. You can tell your in Nicaragua when you smell the essence of horse all over.


The prior two photos were taken from what looked like an old fort. It was all locked up but I wanted to see inside so I poked my head through one of the gated barred doors. A security guard came over and unlocked the door and then pointed to the inside and said “there are ruins there, when you are done climb those ladders and there is great views.” And that is what I did. Not sure what the place was but there were good ruins and good views.


I just wandered around not quite sure what I was looking at, but in the guidebook, it said that was almost the best way. I am unfortunately getting pretty colonialed out already but the buildings are pretty so good for photos. I do have to say though that South America is quite a bit more characteristic than Central America. Kind of like seeing the stuff in Europe would probably be more influential than South America. Anyhoo, it isn’t a temple so in the short term that is good enough. If I saw another damn monk in orange robes I would have to start throwing rocks.


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