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Scabies. You pay $1.20 for a room, you share a bed and are the free meal.


One response to “Scabies. You pay $1.20 for a room, you share a bed and are the free meal.”

  1. Han Kim says:

    Steve,nrnrImpressive blog. I am a Korean doing a overlanding trip from Morrocco to South Africa on the west coast then back to Egypt on the east coast.nrnrI love your stories and and am very impressed by your writing skills… Wish I could write like that. =)nrnrHave a great trip and if you come to Korea anytime after Spetember of 2007 give me a shout,nrnrCheers,nrnrHannrnrP.S. Yeah the bites you got are scabbies.. I had them twice once on a train in Spain and once at a Youth Hostel in Australia (Yeah Australia, what made it worse was that I got it the first day I got there). Its all a good memory know. If you get it again there is a creqam for it which will kill it within a few hours but don’t know if you can get it everywhere. Oh and disinfect all your clothes as well or they will hide and come back!!! =)

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