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Photos: Dimeka

Me at the beginning of the market Noa, Omri, and Juan mingling with the people

Some shots of individual tribal people. Mainly they are from the Hamer tribe.
Tribes 1 Tribes 2 Tribal 3 Tribal 4 Tribal 5 Tribal 6 Tribal 7

These next two are a little different. This woman was incredible. She was about 5’10” built like a warrior goddess. The two things that really caught my eye was her posture. She looked like a Queen. The other were the scars on her back. One of the things about the native culture in the Omo is scarring. Women show their devotion to their brothers and husbands by being beaten and then using an ashe mixture to slightly infect the wounds so they leave these really large scars. One of the special occassions are during a brothers preparation for marriage. The harder a woman is beaten, the more devotion she shows to her brother and family. Other times, they are purposely cut in decorative patterns for I guess what would be vanity. Men are supposedly to find the scarring sexually appealing.
Queen scarring

These were some of the kids that hung out with us. Noa and Omri brought a huge stash of toys from Israel. They would give them out sparingly to kids that were polite and behaved. The kids went crazy over the balloons and the liquid soap bubbles.
Kids playing Kids playing 2

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