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Photos: Dahab

Here’s some quick photos of Dahab as I think I will head over to Nuweiba tomorrow.

For Erica
This one is for you Erica. Yes, I am a lucky bastard.

Me, my juice, and a cat.
I believe this is number six on my itinerary with “M” taking the photo.

Cat ain't getting my food. Cat target
More of my fat cat. Got pissed off and pouted because I wouldn’t give him any of my food. He was a good target for throwing rocks at though. Just kidding Cinderella. He he he.

Breakfast "American"
Like my itinerary says I had breakfast every morning at 8am sharp. Alright, maybe 11am, but its still my itinerary.

Saudi Arabia
Thats Saudi Arabia right across the way. It would be cool to be able to go to Mecca. Would be swimming in virgins after that. Now, now, thats not me, thats Islam. Also, if you take a look at the ocean, where the water starts is the drop off, straight down to about 10-15 meters with very nice reef. It extends through pretty much the whole side of the ocean. At high tide the top bar is covered but still only knee high.

Blue hole Blue hole Blue hole 3
The Blue hole which is just outside of Dahab. Pretty nice as the mountains run right down to the sea. I am kind of suspicious though as I thought the real Blue Hole was in Israel. It’s a really deep crater and there are side tubes that you can swim through if you are certified. Supposedly there are a video of a guy who went solo through the tubes, got disoriented, panicked, and drowned. This was all captured on video as he was taping his own dive/death. That ought to be pretty challenging to watch that video and then do the dive.

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  1. Alie says:

    Hey! Thank you for checking out our blog. We really enjoy reading yours! Are you finding Egypt safe? Also, great pictures. Cheers!

  2. Carole Clarke says:

    Hi Steve:nrnrSorry to hear about your “shingles”. nrnrI’m disappointed to notice you won’t be going to Morocco. I was hoping you would have some great advice from there.nrnrI’m leaving next week for a 15 day (tour) EEK did I admit that!nrnrYou’ll love the middle east. Hope you get to see Petra – it’s awe inspiring.nrnrHappy Travelsnrnr

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