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Photos: Cairo, Egypt- Giza Pyramids and Sphynx

Dan and me
Dan the Aussie and me with the Pyramids in the distance.

The money shot a million times over
I am #4,657,456,345 to have taken this photo. Poor guys job is to sit on his camel and look historic. Probably photo’d more that Brad Pitt.

Me and the big stuff for proportion Me again gotta prove I was here, check.
The Giza “three” are pretty damn big. They could be bigger and if they were three sided more impressive, but over all they were a sight. I still think I could build one in a couple of months as long as I had my biscuit and litre of water.

Mr. Sphynx The Sphincter up close
Our vote was that it was smaller than we imagined. It wouldn’t like fit in your pocket, but it wasn’t that big. Someone should fix the face though. I still prefer to call it the “massive sphincter”.

One of the first attempts at pyramid building was here in Saqquara about a half hour drive away from Giza. They also had tombs and other ruins as well. Nice museum with I would rate an 8, air conditioning.

Memphis Tennessee
The Memphis Tennessee ruins which was the old capital before Cairo. Now it is down to a few hundred meters with some decent statues and ruins. If you look close, the one picture has me showing off the little Herpes headed monster preparing to jump out of my side.

Herpes, Herpes, Everywhere
Just a shot of the rash that broke out. Lots of rash shots on my blog. “Band of roses from hell.” A good description. I had another couple of patches on my front right side around the rib cage. It’s the sign of a “Dirty, filthy, whore.”

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  1. Marisa says:

    Looks like you missed the solar boat. That was the highlight for me on my trip to Gaza.

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