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Photos: Biker clubs Thailand

Hello to the friends I met. Hope you like the photos.

We were driving all these backroads to the point I was getting worried. We drove down this small dirt road through a palm orchard and this popped up. Awesome.

This is the older brother and the neighbor girl. I suck with names but his name meant big belly. She was my spiritual guide.

Shorts and sandles for the beach. Nah, I’ll stick with my jeans and rubber boots. The classic look for spring 2010.

Custom rides were what these guys were all about. They liked my motorcycle so that was a good first impression for me.

Loud, low, and proud.

At the “Monkey Temple”. We were showing respect to the female god. Incense and necklace offerings.

The gift from the head Monk. His picture is on the top right. All the photos were of spiritual occurrances. See how his heart was lit up. The one below has a dragon formed cloud above the temple and the elephant has spots which represent something I don’t know. We also got reading material and a little pendent. All I had to do was bow correctly.

The view of the bay from the Temple. The hidden bay is just on the other side of those peaks.

The female deity.

Breakfast with the brothers. He might possible just work for him and not be brothers. Not exactly sure. Both are excellent mechanics. I wish my problem could be fixed by a good mechanic, but it requires parts from Vietnam or Russia.

The guy on the right is names Steve.

We went on a walk about around there property. We stopped at the girls house for some coconut refreshments.

Raw rubber drying. This is where your tires and condoms come from.

More runner and the rubber stretcher.

This I had never seen before. This guy made coconut sugar. He boils coconut milk and shavings and then continually reduces the liquid until he has a lump of super sweet with a tang of coconut sugar.

Their new house/shop. At night when I went out to look there was no lights from neighbors that you could see. It is built on stilts as the whole area is like a sort of swamp. Very peaceful.

On our way to Chumphon they took me to visit their friends. This is another mechanic who was impressed by Sasha. He worked on big bikes but had never seen anything Russian. They took as many photos as I did.

We stopped at the local University to meet some students and professor of the Agricultural Engineering section.

University shot.

The Gang Club of Chumphon was their name.

Shot with me instead of the girl. No girls allowed. Screw that. If I could get rid of my big rice sack I could have my own biker chick.

The head guy with his needing repairs ride.

Their logo.

Besides snacks and drinks at every stop they kept giving me stuff to remember them. I gave them my blog site so that they could have their pictures on my site. Thanks guys.

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6 responses to “Photos: Biker clubs Thailand”

  1. oun says:

    lucky amilzing Thailand by young classic on the road southern

  2. Karie says:

    Looks like you had some real fun…I do hope you enjoyed it 🙂 You seem to be somewhat happier then before.

  3. Mr.Charatchai says:

    Hello, I’m professor from Agricultural Engineering department. Very nice to visit your website, and hope that you will tell your friends that Thailand very welcome everyone to visit. May be in the future, every tourists who come to the campus will help my students develop their English skill. We welcome everyone to visit and come to talk with us in the future…..Hope to see you again….
    Mr.Charatchai Yenphayab(nick name’s BIRD)

  4. snw2srf2stt says:

    Hello Mr. Charatchai,

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your students. Hopefully I will be coming back that way when I start heading north. Hope to see you again.


  5. snw2srf2stt says:


    Happiness would be even greater if I could get some tv time. Apparently Thailand doesn’t like English stations or at least in their cheap hotels. Must think were there to look at all their beautiful sights.


  6. snw2srf2stt says:

    Hello Oun,

    How is the club going. Say hello to everyone from me and that I hope they liked the photos. Possibly see you guys again in a month or so when I head back north. Take it easy with the motorcycles.


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