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Photos: Arambol, Goa


Sorry about the no posting, but my host upgraded the software and it took a while for me to get it worked out. That and a bit of laziness of course. I will say that I learned that if you just keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome especially when it deals with computers, your expecting too much. I kept trying to upload the same photo with the same title and it kept erroring out. Once I finally figured out that re-doing it over and over again wasn’t going to fix it, I simple changed the photo name and it worked fine. Anyways, onward hooo.

Sareeda, Raj, Jeohen at one of many impromptu jam sessions on our balcony. In total we had over a dozen performers for my stay. Really cool.

100_5333.JPG 100_5334.JPG 100_5336.JPG 100_5362.JPG 100_5364.JPG
Carnaval 2008 in Goa. Just a big dress up on the beach. Not as cool as prior years as nudity was frowned upon. I only counted 14 breasts (ten of those were old fat guys). Still, it made the front page of the local Goan newspaper with all the shocking nudity of the foreigners. If they really wanted to be shocked, they should hit Fantasy Fest in Key West. Bunch of boobs and boners.

100_5367.JPG 100_5371.JPG
Gabi and Jolanda’s jewelry they make.

100_5372.JPG 100_5377.JPG 100_5379.JPG
My art work. Currently I am making a hashish mixing bowl out of a coconut shell. It’s a lot of sanding but it is looking like a deeply polished walnut color. All from elbow grease.

The perfect rat trap. Well almost, as I started with this cardboard box that I found and then started with a frame from pieces of wood I found. The trap worked perfectly but the rats kept eating holes through the sides and top. I just kept patching them up as we went as I really didn’t want to have to deal with them afterwards. It was like a little soap opera as everybody wanted to know the update in the mornings on what was caught or escaped. I stopped for a while when a hippie girl was upset that I was catching them so I stopped. It must have happened at the same time as mating season or something because soon the rats started fighting in the rafters and falling to the floor in the rooms. The girls freaked out so they had me start up again. The basic design was from my Grandma’s ranch on my mothers side.

The ultimate rat trap kitted for death mode.

100_5380.JPG 100_5382.JPG 100_5385.JPG
Phil, Wayne, and Jim heading north on their Enfields.

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