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Photos: Annapurna Trek

Okay, so we actually drove the Annapurna circuit.
Nope, lying again. Actually this is a photo when we crossed a river after coming from Bardia National Park on the west side of Nepal. Since my hard drive crashed I was pilfering Justin’s and Mirriams camera for photos.

Since following a time line is just now what I am in to, I will just post the pics grouped by photographer. Just about ten each. Justin is slowly uploading all the photos to his flickr account so I might post that link when he finishes and you can get a real in depth timeline photography session. For now, just some of my pics of pics.

Justin’s Photos.
What I like about using other peoples pics is that I tend to be in all of them. That speck on the middle left is me. Great contrast and a sort of “destiny” to it. Actually I was looking at a little village that I had my heart on going to but Mirriam chose at that moment to be a “leader” and chose the path to the left even though I was standing on the right path which would have taken us to the most magnificent village. We ended up only getting to see it from a far distance.

A typical Nepalese kitchen. The women take great pride in their kitchens as it is almost like showing family pictures.

Thats me on the lower left again but I was wearing a wig. Nepalese kids are actually all over six foot tall. Freaky.

Money shot.

Some local beer. Like I say over and over, wherever you go in the world there are so many similarities. I’ve seen this stuff in pretty much every country I have been. Just throw any fruits and veggies in a barrel with some grain and water. Wait a few days and bam….beer.

This is what AMS looks like (Acute Mountain Sickness).

Me, Me, Me….

My favorite photo

Mirriam celebrating her overcoming of heights, pre-fears, and a new height record.


Getting back the “Going to heaven” point I lost by stealing the sacred cloth from that temple on the Lachlung La pass coming from Ley to Manali. From my calculations stealing a religious icon lost me a solid point. By not only returning it to another place but another place that was 400 meters higher than the other holy place, I actually end up with an extra 33%. Score. Carla if you are reading this, you don’t have to worry about me bursting into flames.

Now some Mirriam photos.
The gang at one of the most scenic stops on the route. That is Annapuna II in the background with L to R. Pao, Carla, Roni, Nissan, Justin, and of course me with my umbrella.

Me again, fjording a river.

Me napping.

One of the most beautiful areas of the trek was this huge mountside bowl. Somehow I was not in this photo however Photoshop can fix that.

Trekking on the Jomsom side.

Mirriam’s excuse for not climbing Poon hill. Such a girl. It didn’t even fall off yet.

The whole gang in Manang. L to R. Carla (Argentina), Pao (Spain), Justin (Canada), Roni (Israel), Nissan (Israel), Me (America), and Yoshi (Finland). Mirriam (Canada) the photographer behind the camera.

Now me as a photographer.

Justin and Mirriam scootching down the river.

Nepalese lettuce. Stuff was everywhere between 1500-3000M. Care packages are being sent back to the US as we speak (Wink-wink).

Nepalese hippies. Peace baby.

As Justin had to constantly tell Mirriam when she burst into crying, “you wanted to go hiking in the HIMALAYAS, did you not think there would be heights involved.” She actually did very well after day three and we broke down her real fears vs. pre-fears vs. perceived fears vs actual fears vs. mental and physically exhausted induced fears. I thought it would be fun and it was. Perhaps I will go into psychology when I go back.

One of my other favorites.

Trekking up from Thorung Phedi to High Camp where we stayed the night at 4800M.

Magnificent shot up at high camp.

Getting back my Shiva points.

Shot of Dhaulgiri from Poon Hill. 2000m in six and a half hours after twenty days of trekking. Enjoy. No, I mean look at it again, make it your screen saver, print it out, that was a freaking pain in the ass day for me so take advantage of it.

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5 responses to “Photos: Annapurna Trek”

  1. Marisa says:

    Mirrim reminds me of an acquaintance who wanted to hike in the grand canyon. She took one look at the canyon and refused to get near the rim. What part of “canyon” didn’t she understand?

    Glad Mirrim got over her fears. Looks like you had a great time. Twenty days of walking, wow.

  2. Snarky says:

    Wow, if only that was about 30-40 degrees warmer, I’d possibly consider doing it!

  3. Shawn says:

    Hey Steve if you decide to head west through Russia let me know. Maybe we could hook up and meet. I will be heading through Russia around 2011. Although I will be some around Europe until that time, most likely.

    Happy Trails.

  4. Miriam says:

    Steve….are you having “post-fear-tears” at having missed Kagbeni…?! 😉

  5. Priyank says:

    Lovely pictures! Annapurna is beautiful indeed.

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