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Photos: Alexandria and Suez Canal

Alexandria strip Alexandria mosque Alexandria 1
Just a beautiful city. Make it top three.

Bibliotecha Statue on the waterfront Alphabet soup Alphabet all
One of the things that the Egyptian government invested in was to make Alexandria one of the brain baskets of the world as it used to be. The Bibliotecha was a key figure in that. One of the most interesting parts I found to be was the hierglyphics engraved into the outside wall which represent every known alphabet that has existed. Sort of where they got that Superman section in Smallville with Christopher Reeves.

Suez canal Suez sunset
These are of the Suez canal. Since there were no big boats, the closest that I could come was this catamaran. Just not quite the same. The other is a Suez sunset over the shipyard. Whoopee. Not a lot of photo ops there with no ships. Sorry.

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