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Panajachel, Guatemala: Hitting the highlands


Panajachel or Pana is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The lake side villages are another of Guatemala trophy tourist locations. Pana is the most touristy almost tailoring specifically to the foreign money. The town center is connected to the lake by a tourist road which is lined with almost a kilometer of tourist crap stalls. The lake side itself is nice enough but at the moment the haze is really bad and a bit windy at times to make it fairly lackluster. Half of the villages are connected by road and the other half strictly by boat taxis and barges. Many of the villages are tailored to the different desires or tourists ie. yoga, spiritual, relaxing, diving. After a walk down to the lake my first day, I really havenĀ“t been back sticking to the inland side of town which incorporates the market and the roads to other small towns and villages. As the lake is a focal point for the locals as well, the indigenous population living in the many villages in the surrounding mountains often come down to the larger lakeside towns for their weekly markets. I have been just checking out a few much like I did with the tribes in Ethiopia. The womens clothing is probably the only thing that makes the whole market scene worthwhile as I do have to admit makes a colorful and beautiful display. Some of the older men even cling to tradition with their own woven pants or sarongs which add to the appeal.


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