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Palestine- Where I have been

Palestine, Occupied Terrirories, or the West Bank and Gaza Strip as they are known was my final destinations after hitting all the Israel spots. I based myself in Jerusalem and did day trips as they were not very far from Jerusalem and were semi-accessible by sherut and bus. I did not go to the Gaza Strip as that is basically the war zone as the West Bank is more settled but far from stable.

One of my first runs was to Jericho basically so I could say that I have been to the oldest as well as the lowest (below sea level -260M). That and to eat cheap falafels.

Bethlehem (the Christmas card place) where Jesus was born in the Church of the Nativity. The Milk Grotto Chapel was also a highlight for me just because of the modernity and design although it commensurates the lactating of the Virgin Mary. On the bus, I was befriended by a Palestinian University Student who showed me around and I got to go to classes with him at the new Bethlehem University. Wow, Palestinian women are hot when they can take off the coverings and can wear western clothes with a little make up. It was nice hanging out with the guys and all the girls kind of edging over to say hi. I even got to go to Psychology class with him even though the actual professor had gone to Germany and hadn’t returned like he was supposed to have.

I met a crazy Brazilian guy who was about 6’+ with one of those crazy dreads where there are only like eight big carrot like spikes shooting out of his head. He looked like that crazy professor on the Simpsons. Man, hanging out with him I was actually invisible. It was crazy. Anyway, we made a run out to Ramallah so he could experience the West Bank and to see the wall (more info in the other post). We ended up going to see Yassar Arafats tomb while we were there. Great Falafels and cheap as well.

Basically, that was it for the Palestine territories. Other than the historical sites, they were really like other Arab towns with the center being full of shops surrounded by sand stone buildings which are the residentials. I would have liked to have gotten a chance to see the Gaza strip, but getting permission to go there would rank up there with visiting Iraq.

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