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Packing list


Here is the crap that I am taking. I gave it a stuff and it all fit so it looks like I am okay.

Just so that I don’t look like too much of a rookie traveler, it must be stated that this list is in no way representative of what I would take if I did not live on an island out in the middle of no where. If I was going to take a diamond encrusted backpack filled with Rum, no problem. I could get that. Now supplies for a round the world trip not so easy. This is a resort town so not too many camping supply stores. Warm clothes are another not going to happen. So to balance what I am taking, I will attach a website from a guy named Hector who did his RTW this last year. He has an excellent site with a lot of helpful hints. Here is his packing list. While your there, read some of his stuff. Great info and fantastic pictures. I got the idea of panographic shots from his site.

Now back to my list. I did have some of the must haves shipped to me from the mainland, thanks E-Bay,, and some other backpacking supplier whom slips my mind at the moment. Most would not ship to the VI so I used Travis’s shipping service in Key West. He’s actually a friend of mine whom I use his address for everything so that I am not known as a foreigner.
Here’s what I will be lugging around:

High Tech Backpacking Stuff:
GoLite Galaxy backpack- 3lbs 9ozs 70 liters capacity
Teva sandals
Murrell Superlite Goretex trekking boots
Pacsafe 200
My plain old Eastpack school backpack

High Tech electronics stuff:
Dell 700m 2.8ghz pentium M, 1 gig ram, 30 gb hd, 12″ screen. Nice and portable/light.
(2) Canon SD100 Digital Elph 3.2 meg, compact size. One for carrying around and one for underwater pics.
Canon underwater case for above.
Kodak Z740 5 megapixel, 10X zoom, great for Africa shots.
Wide view lens, adapter, 3 filters, camera bag
3 128mb cards and 1 512mb
Nokia cell phone (I needed it up through leaving time.)
1 powered speaker for some tunes (thanks Travis’s buddy in Kansas. 8 gigs of pirated music.)

Lonely Planet Caribbean
Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring
Lonely Planet Ecuador ( I had this one from before so its going back.
Spanish phrasebook (Had this one as well)
World Map

Clothes (non-backpacking but going to be used as backbacking):

3 khakis (pants from)
3 knit shirts (work and casual clothes)
1 Long sleeve going out shirt.
3 pairs of boxers (since I have been unemployed, I have been mainly going commando so those may or may not be going.)
3 pairs of socks
1 heavy sweat shirt I used for packing material when I shipped my stuff over here.
1 belt
Until I get to South (south) America I doubt that I will need anything warm. When I get to Caracas I’ll see if I can pick up those cool backpacker pants that are shorts as well. Plus a jacket with some sort of Backpacker logo on it. Gotta be cool or I won’t be invited into the scene. Whatever.


Not too much since I converted to the homeless look.

anti-diarreal stuff
suntan lotion (not sure why, I’m as dark as you can get without having to change nationalities. Its a beach bums life.)


I kept my mask and snorkel here for my last week so I guess I will take them with me. Four tropical islands, I am bound to go diving at least a few times. I will probably dump them off in SA once I get there. The last island that I will be seeing for a while should be Isla Margarita just off the coast of Venezuela.

Stainless Steel Edition Mont Blanc Pen. Gotta have a perk. I figure that since I am going to be doing this writing stuff, you gotta go for the high tech.


$1500 cash to subsidize my way through the Caribbean and Venezuela (black market gets the best rates. F those guys at the airport). Colombia has better exchange rates through the ATM and Ecuador uses US dollars.

I couldn’t get travels checks on island so no paper.

My Bank of America Visa/debit card, Chase Mastercard, Banco Popular ATH card (with whom I have $25g and can’t get it out because of Citibank weasels.) and a backup Visa just in case. If I can get Citibank to open my account, I would use that primarily for getting cash since there is no fees with them, but we’ll see. All accounts are set up for internet banking so I should be able to manage everything on the road.

Financially wise, this trip is pretty much paid for by the selling of my car, my stuff, and working longer than planned because of my sister’s wedding in November ( I should have been in Africa by now, but I ain’t saying a thing.) I also saved a bunch of money by getting to use my last months rent and getting my security deposit back. This whole last month I did not spend anything. This is also the first time that I have moved where I didn’t just lose everything. I usually end up having to buy out my lease (I’ve paid up to $5 grand before,) losing out on last and security deposit, and getting nothing for all of the stuff that I have to just leave (usually 2-3 grand a move.) I was doing that every 8 months to a year. I think on paper, I am actually making money by doing this trip!!!!

Thats pretty much it. I have a nice laptop and a sweet Hugo Boss suit back at my friends house. My parents have my mountain bike and snowboard. Beyond that Steve is living responsibility free.

I’ll update this packing list as I move along. I have a feeling half of this stuff is going to hit the bottom of the ocean after I haul it around a bit. I have very low tolerance for burdens, so my pack might get light really quick.

pack list.JPG


Since I am actually on the road now and have to actually carry this brick, I was kind of suspicious of what exactly I had actually brought. The prior was the jist of it, but there had to be some stowaways. So, one slow day in Dominica I stripped my pack down and sorted everything out. This is the true inventory of the crap I brought.

Packing list:

After an overweight pack I decided to do an actual inventory of what I was carrying so I could work on slimming it down. I had posted a quicky summation before, but for some reason it weighed a lot more than what I showed. Here is a more specific list.

1 Backpack Go-lite extreme edition 70L
1 bookbag (Eastpak)
1 mesh divers bag to cover backpack
Hiking boots (Merrels-lightweight/waterproof)
Sandals (Teva)
3 pants
1 sweat shirt
6 shirts (1 long sleeve, 1 tank top, 4 pull over/knit shirts)
2 shorts
1 swim trunks
4 boxers
4 socks (2 pairs high tech hiking socks)
1 belt
Laptop Dell 700M 4lbs with accessories (cable)
1 retractable phone cord
1 surge protector
1 mini mouse
1 powered speaker
1 cd carrier
1 towel for laptop
1 waterproof ziploc bag for laptop
3 digital cameras
1 underwater housing
1 camera bag
1 extra lens and filters
3 battery chargers
3 extra battery packs
4 sd cards
1 sd card reader
1 lens cleaning kit
1 snorkel and mask
1 cell phone and charger
-Lonely Planet
South America
-Spanish phrasebook
-world atlas
-digital camera manual
-Citibank info packet
-blank notebook
2 wallets
1 passport
1 underwater pouch
15 ziploc bags
4 pens
2 sunglasses
1 mini-mag lite
1 multi-tool
1 watch
1 lighter
1 hydration pack
1 pacsafe 200
1 checkbook
1 moist towelettes
6 padlocks
1 spool of fishing line
1 container of hooks
1 case cutter
1 box of extra blades
1 suntan lotion
1 Body wash
1 anti-perspirant
2 tooth brushes
1 tooth paste
1 Q-tips
1-manicure set
1 Ibuprofen
1 w/sleeping pill
1 hydrocortisone cream
2 dramamine
1 water purification tablets
1 immodium
1 condoms

The kitchen sink might be in there as well. Ill edit these as a lot of these items get pitched. I went through some, I just bought that and its brand new stage. Its got to get lighter.

Before I hit South America, the plan is to toss enough stuff so that I can fit everything in my main pack. I will still use the book bag, but not as a mandatory pack.


2 responses to “Packing list”

  1. Hector says:

    You are ready to set off, are you not Steve? Have a nice ride mate!


  2. steve says:

    Thanks Hector.

    I am off and running, getting lost faster than I can get anywhere. I am still referring to your blog for stuff, so thanks for the help.