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One more stop, the birthplace of….. Hare Krishna!

Just a quick side note, while driving the 55 kms from Agra to my next destination, Mathura, I found that I was still in castle rich territory. I was pretty surprised at how many hill tops had some sort of big castle or at least some ruins. I wasn’t even looking for them, but all of sudden in the sky line you see a stone wall encircling a hill side with a wicked castle sitting there. I am not sure what their names or what their significants were, but if I ever get really into castley stuff, I now know what road to take.

I arrived in Mathura really only needing to stop off at the Enfield shop where I got my clutch plates fixed the last time I was passing through. The shop is an actual Enfield dealership and the one old man is a good mechanic so I planned this stop to prepare for Schwinns sale. Secondary was the fact that Hare Krishna was born here. Now again being a not so up to date on religious/cultural info, my knowledge of Hare Krishna was the people that are portrayed as the bald nut cases at the airport handing out flowers and dancing like they are stoned out of their heads. Once again, I think it is a bit from our culture basterdising something as what I came to see and learn was that it was nothing like that. Now, off the top of my head, Hare Krishna has a couple of meanings. It is known as one of the re-incarnates of the Hindu God, Vishnu. He is usually the blue, multi-armed one often time be-heading other warriors or he is the mischevous one with the ladies. The other meaning has more to do with the airport thing which is that it is actually a chant or a form of reaching enlightment by repeating certain scripture. Quite a few songs have adapted parts of the chant, like by the Beatles.

What was originally going to be a pretty mundane stop, since Hare Krishnas birthplace much like all the other gods birthplaces that I have been to is rather bland, just a plain little room with a rock as a signifying spot, in this case, the parents of Harry were being imprisoned at the time so no luxurious birthplace for the little guy, it turned out to be a fairly energetic layover. I hit it just right and a pretty spiritual spot when I learned that there was a big festival starting and the next day 50,000 people were going to arrive in the city to celebrate. I acn’t actually tell you the actual Festivals name, but it primarily involved trucking around a bunch of dressed up deities and then taking them out onto the river and dropping them off. A lot of fanfare was involved, and right at the entrance to my hotel as it was right in front of one of the more auspicious ghats. It was so busy throughout the day, I gave up trying to leave a couple of times because the street and lobby were packed with so many people, there was no way out. I ended up staying a couple of nights as it would have been a shame to miss all the festivities going on along the ghats.

Just a shot with Schwinn as soon it will be gone.

This is the Temple which was built to honor the birthplace of Harry. There was no cameras allowed, so I could only get a shot of the entrance.

Lot sof pujas going on. One of the basic puja kits was a bag filled with a bunch of goodies like plants, sweets, ashes, cloth, and other shiney stuff. It was lobbed out into the river and a prayer was given.

One of the “parades” involved this roll of carpet. Not too sure what its significance was, but it was carried throughout the city and taken into all the little temples lining the Ghats.

some ghat side wildlife shots.
Scary snake I caught swimming up to the shore.

Holy cow. Not slang wise, but an actual holy being.

More of those Indian ring neck parrots. (thanks Shawn)

This little guy liked to watch me pee.

Holy Monkey. Yup, same as the cow.

I just liked this shot of a guy just hanging out.

Sealing up brass containers that were gifted to the mother river.

Flower ladies selling puja gifts.

And that was Mathura. Now just about a 150kms north and I arrive back in Delhi.

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  1. yazeed says:

    dannnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg………..this year has really stretched out huh? two questions: What would you say has been your lesson learned from your world travels?

    and two) how has your travel (if at all) changed your outlook yourself and how you fit into the world…


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