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Once in a lifetime or make that second time but first wasn’t optional



See the difference. No its not the shirt.

Well, I had planned to do my usual once a year haircut back in October on my birthday, but I was so pissed off at those flyaway hairs that are not long enough to fit in the back pony tail and constantly agitate my face. Well, six months later I showed those bastards. After that I had planned to try and do something spiritual and have it shaved off at some religious place where people shave their head to show their piousness and lack of “needing” anything. Well, I just couldn’t get into the religious swing of thing, so this just ended up being a good time. I also wanted to do it as I figure it is one of those things that everybody should do once in their life outside of Chemotherapy, baldness, swimmer, etc. How can you know unless you try. So, after getting my camera fixed I headed for my local barber shop and explained for a bit that yes I wanted my head to look like my ass. It was pretty painless and I really like it. Beyond the not having to maintain long hair, the constant agitation of hair on my face, the not being able to see when the wind/fan/motorcycle blows hair in my face, and the constantly having to either band it or wear a bandana, I think it looks pretty good. Other cool things is that I startle myself whenever I look in the mirror, my shirts get stuck on the velcro like stubble, and people think I am a Monk and are surprised when I am hanging around the westerners with my American accent. I really shocked people when I strolled around with my newly purchased aluminum handled umbrella wedged on my back between my day pack. It looks like a sword handle sticking out and I get tons of stares from people thinking I am some out of date ninja strolling around.

I didn’t get that cool shineyness yet so when I get back I might have it shaved again and then do it again with a standard razor and soap to see if I can get it totally bald. After that pick up some engine oil or grease or whatever shiney head people use and get that cap beaming. (Yazeed- could use your help on this.)

So that’s up to date of whats up with Steve. Be out of the loop for about a month so don’t expect too much although the whole trekking route you can get pizzas and internet access. I’m lazy and cheap.


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8 responses to “Once in a lifetime or make that second time but first wasn’t optional”

  1. Marisa says:

    Looking good!

  2. Debi says:

    The shave does give you a monk-like quality, looks good!

    Love reading about your travels and adventures. I’ve been invited to travel with a friend to Mumbai, I have to pay to get there, but she has family so pretty much free room n board.

    This is quite an adventure you are on! I have a 2nd cousin in Russia who also travels around on a motorcycle. He hasn’t had quite the luck or patience with his ability to make/get repairs and parts.

  3. Shawn says:

    Greetings, nice to see another long term nomad traveler out and about. Just wondering what you route has been. I can tell from reading your blog that you are flying around some.
    Could you post your route in order, I would be very interested.

    You can reach my blog at, I posted your link on my blog.

    Happy trails.

  4. Linda Ryan-Harper says:

    Steve, I love the new do, or the lack thereof. This is such an amazing journey and you describe it so well. I wrote to you before about my having lived in Zaire for a couple of years back in the 70s. I also traveled to Vietnam, Thailand, overland through India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. I might as well have been traveling in a closet. I was sick a lot. Nor could I stand the Brits, fellow travelers, who wanted to argue over the correct pronunciation of aluminum, “We discovered it you know, pip pip and all that rot.” Dysentery can give one Russian brain fever and I nearly dropped to the floor and frothed at the mouth at their pomposity. I don’t have a website yet but am on Myspace as Third World Woman if you ever care to stop by—though I reckon you have better things to do. Are you planning to publish your log in book form? And when are you coming home? Your home is a slice of Heaven so what motivated you to leave Heaven to travel through circles of Hell? Or did you find Heaven exists outside of St. Thomas? And what did you do for a living before you decided to travel? Not trying to get personal, but you sound so a well-rounded, so balanced that it whets my curiosity. I can’t see you as a buttoned down nine to fiver. The Travel Channel should give you your own gig, You are decidedly more interesting than some of the shows I’ve seen. Lastly, I am a bit of an insomniac and live in a sleepy Southern town. It’s great in the wee hours to visit your site and take a world tour one leg at a time. Peace, Linda

  5. judy says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you can see where the maggots invaded your scalp now!! jude

  6. Roy says:

    Where can I read more about your background, what you do, how you afford, what inspired you to do what you are doing?

  7. Bret says:

    Wow !!! You have come a long way since leaving the beautiful state of Kansas. I admire what you have done and look forward to ski with you in Colorado again.

  8. snw2srf2stt says:

    Hey Bret,

    Good to hear from you. How’s the family and all the ex-wives. Ha ha ha. I guess that is about as funny as Kansas is beautiful.

    Forget skiing, I want to go shoot stuff. How much I would love to do some hunting and fishing. Heard from Rick lately?


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