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On to Malawi photos.

Here’s a few from my days in Malawi.

Blantyre, Malawi. Not much there, but a nice hostel (Doogles) and a decent town to pick up supplies and visit the bank.

Cape Maclear.JPGCape Maclear (1).JPGCape Maclear (2).JPGCape Maclear (3).JPGCape Maclear (4).JPG
Me sporting my new hairdo on a little truck with 20 other people.
The beach at Cape Maclear, on lake Malawi.
The fresh water snails that harbor the dreaded Schistosomiasis flukes.
The village
A cool truck replicas made out of bark and leaves.

The voyage on the S.S. Ilala from Monkey Bay to Nkata Bay.
Ilala.JPGIlala (1).JPGIlala (2).JPGIlala (3).JPGIlala (4).JPG

The S.S. Ilala, a ship that has been chugging up and down the Lake Malawi for over 50 years. It is the only link to some villages along the lake shore.
The top deck where I made my bed at night.
Sunset of course.
The villagers come out in full force when the Ilala pulls in. It generally brings supplies, family, and friends.
The motorized boats ferry the people and supplies to and from shore. The little dug out boats are the locals form of transport.

Nkata Bay, Lake Malawi
nkata bay.JPGnkata bay (2).JPGnkata bay (3).JPG
The view from the backpacker. A little village at the waters edge.
The main lodge.
The beach
Washing day.

Lilongwe, the capital. I didn’t do much, but this was a picture of the prison that was right below my window in a not quite 1 star hotel. You can tell your not in a good neighborhood when your neighbors are convicts.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I am very surprised that you did not write anything about the best backpackers lodge in Monkey Bay – Hakuna Matata. Those people were so nice to me, if I knew how this computer stuff works, I would have told the sorld ablut them. Try the place out!

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