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On my way to look at jars..

Some nice scenery south of Luang Prabang.

The little town where I stopped for the night. Jars were about a ten hour drive away, but that would have encompassed me getting up at 6am and then riding my ass off. I don’t like to do either so stopped here. It is at the crossroads of Phonsovan and

The guesthouse where I stayed. A couple of ladies ran the place (with no men in sight.) They had a restaurant downstairs which was spic and span so I chose to stay there over the other guesthouse which was over a general store or the only other place which was just plain scary. The room was a clean little cell but there was only a 50 gallon drum for showering. Still a nice place to stay after the mega touristy place like Luang Prabang.

I could have had Thanksgiving dinner. This was the genuine object as when I did my turkey call (original asian redneck I am) it responded by puffing up, cackling and strutting.

I guess I should have said bomb craters and jars. This area was the most bombed, ever, anywhere.

Got Jars? The plain of jars is a plain with jars. Thousands of these chiseled out rocks were formed into jars. They are not quite certain for what they were used, some say burials, water storage, food storage, jam, but I think it follows along with the pyramids and the Great Wall. Back in the day and I guess even now, when you are the King, in order to keep control you have to keep people busy. If not people get bored and they revolt. This way you have a lot of people employed, working, and less prone to revolt.

Jars, jars, everywhere jars.

They even had lids.

Actually, the main reason I came here was to find parts for Sasha. Supposedly there was a mechanic here who had the parts that I needed. After a big wild goose chase which panned out nothing but blank stares I saw a Minsk at an internet cafe. It turned out to be a local guy who actually spoke some English. He told me of a place so I went there but it turned out to be a place I had already went and gotten the blank stares. When I went back to the guy he went back with me and they told him that it was not possible (no parts). He then took me to the local guys place which was the best Minsk guy around. (Directions on my Minsk repair page). The guy replaced the bad parts in about a half an hour and I was on my way. Sweet.

This internet place sucks. Anyways, I am off to see plains of jars II and III. They also have great info on UXO (Unexploded ordinance) which I am going to check out. So stay tuned for more jars and of course lids.

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