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On my way missing the islands

Even though I would not be going to the islands thanks to the grace of orphans, I still wanted to head north to visit the towns along the route to the islands. Tela was my first stop being a gateway to some nice beaches and the greenery of the jungle and the peaks of mountains. The town itself is not real touristy but like most you get to feel the vibe of reality which interests me more. Back on the Caribbean coast you also get a new experience, black people. With the Caribbean ocean comes the African vibe which is refreshing as hell. This was better than in Costa Rica where the vibe was a somewhat fake reggae rasta feel, but more like what I was used to like in the Virgin Islands. The latin and islander vibe is pretty cool.

This reminds me of the bbq restaurants in the midwest and south back in the US. Check out the two big smokers.

A new coconut forest.

This used to be the old shipping port with the no longer used railway lines running right out over the water. They used to ship the yellow gold (bananas). Oh yea, that reminds me, Chin was telling me that in Asia there is a bias towards American-asians (me). They call us bananas because we are yellow on the outside but white on the inside. That does kind of explain why I tend to get the cold shoulder from Japanese backpackers when they hear me talk. Bastards.

Photo shot.

See, I sometimes eat healthy, although there was about a pound of fruit in the bag.


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