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Off again to the great white Himalayas.

Okay, after a month of tv and pizza, it’s time to head on up to see Mount Everest. Not exactly super excited about it, but when your in the Himalayas it’s difficult passing up the opportunity to see the tallest peak in the world. The basic scenario is to get to the last driveable town of Jiri. From there it is a week’s hike to get to the entrance point to the Sagarmatha National Park. Another week to get up to base camp and then back the way I came.

The plan was to take the bike and head to Jiri which is the end of the road and the start of the walk in to the Everest Region. With the current gas issues, it just wasn’t feasible as I have been busting ass just trying to get enough fuel to get there. Getting back would have been far from certain as getting fuel from these outlying areas is even harder than in the capital city. It is supposedly a beautiful ride, but I just kept thinking how beat I was going to be after the trek and then getting stuck in some village indefinitely. I am under a sort of time pressure as my visa extension ($60US – crap) runs out in exactly a month so if I end up screwing around I might have to get another extension and have to pay another $60. I also have to factor in that there is a flight from Lukla which would cut off a weeks worth of walking back but at a cost of around $120US.

Soooooo, see you in a month.



2 responses to “Off again to the great white Himalayas.”

  1. jp says:

    Great trekking – jp

  2. Dean Jacobs says:

    Hey Steve!

    I stumbled upon your web site! Good to see you’re still out there! You should be at the base camp by now. Wishing you success with that adventure. I’m back in Nebraska regrouping and writing. I accepted a contract position that will take me back to Africa working with the Dian Fossey Foundation in Rwanda. I’m supposed to head there in November.
    Continued safe travels!
    I loved Nepal, and made a promise to go back.


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