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New Gleanings from the road.

Outies are more popular than innies. Belly buttons I am talking.

The ladies wear a colorful wrap that they wrap around themselves to make a sort of long dress. The fabric is silk like with colorful prints. They are very pretty. The same fabric is popular with head wraps.

Like South America, there is no suck thing as baby strollers here. They used the same style wraps as above to carry their baby. Should you decided to do this, first you grab your baby by one arm dangling it to one side. You then cradle it to your side. Bending at the waste so that your torso is perpendicular to the ground, you scoot the baby to your back. Since the baby is lying on your back you can let go (babies are trained to hold on,) and flip you wrap over your back. Grabbing the corners, you cover the baby so the wrap basically cradles under the babies bottom and across its back. At the diagonal corners of your shoulder and waste you tie the corners together, and waaa laaa, baby’s strapped.

BO (body odor) smells like chicken noodle soup when you are crammed in a bus with temperatures milling over a hundred.

People are very clean here. Sure they don’t have all the modern crap, but what they do have is clean and neat. It seems every day is wash day. Even dirt floors are constantly swept. Hygiene is majorly important even though hundred degree temperatures can take their toll.

It is a very matriarchal society (I think that’s the term.) It’s very old school where the man is the man and the women is the women. Pretty deep huh. Basically, the man goes out and earns some cash or goes out and does crap and thereby does not earn any money. The woman is responsible primarily to give birth, clean, gather, harvest, cook, and tend to home matters. It gets a bit more in depth, but I don’t. Definitely in the pre-modern Women’s lib stage.

It’s freaking hot. Not Africa hot (meaning cold) as I had previously mentioned while covered in snow, but hot, life sucking, life draining, sucks to be alive, I want to go somewhere else, traveling sucks, hot.

Chicken is back to being king again. I have converted to fried eggs and rice as my primary meal.

Water has become sketchy out of the tap and the heat is unbearable so I have gone back to drinking sodas. At first I was still keeping to the no-caffeine variety, but after finding out that Malawi’s Coca Cola Bottlers have run out of carbonation, and thereby wiping out all Sprite and Fanta, I have turned to drinking Cokes as well. 19 years without a coke or Pepsi, not bad.

I am getting back into shape as my soda gut is going away with the lack of eating and drinking. It’s too damn hot to eat. I am back to a two-pack stomach.

A shaved head is a happy head. I couldn’t swim before (hair in the eyes), all car/bus rides were miserable (hair in the eyes), I had to have shampoo and hot water to wash my hair on a daily basis as I couldn’t take the grunge feel and now it’s a bar of soap and a quick wash down. No drying needed. No tangles. People and kids are more apt to start a conversation with me now. It’s much cooler. The braiding ladies have stopped heckling me. Maggot checks are much easier.

I am running out of thread in my sewing kit as my stuff is wasting away. I pity the guy who steals my stuff.

Still no sicknesses.

Mozambique Metical = $25000M to $1US. They are also in a money conversion so they have some funds where the 000 is dropped off.

Malawian kwacha = $140 to $1US.

Internet is getting harder to find and a lot more expensive, therefore, the entries will be taking longer.

Malawi’s main languages are Chichewa and English.

I want a banana split.

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