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New country, new update.

Extremely slow day/week/month in the travels of Steve. I’m in a new country so I figured its worth at least an update.

Really not wanting to leave Nairobi, I packed my bags and headed out on the slow route to Uganda. The slow route consists of taking mini-buses and stopping every couple of hours and checking things out instead of bombing straight through for 14 hours.

My first stop was going to be at Lake Naivasha. Here there is a nice campsite along the lake, a climbable volcano with crater lake, and Hells Gate National Park which is supposed to be a nice place to take a mountain bike ride through some beautiful terrain as well as being able to see some animals. That was the plan at least. The plan ended as I watched the town drift by and we didn’t stop. It was another one of those times when you don’t understand the minibus system because even though the sign on the top of the mini-bus says Naivasha, they don’t actually stop at the town. You have to yell at the driver to stop and to let you out. The challenge with that is having never visited a place, you don’t know where your supposed to get off. I just assumed that we would stop or the driver would know since I paid for only up to Naivasha. Long story short, I landed in Nakuru. They had a proper game park there but it requires joining a tour so I just stayed the night and wandered through Kenya’s fourth largest city.

Next stop was Eldoret, pretty much the same city layout, so not much to add.

After Eldoret and the usual border exchanges, I was in Uganda. Uganda I consider as being the end of my “Africa” section. They offer the Mountain Gorillas, river rafting on the Nile, the source of the Nile, and Chimp tracking. There are some very nice mountain ranges bordering the east and west as well. For me, I was just wanting to take a quick jont through the country and head back and out of Kenya to Ethiopia.

Earlier, I called Uganda the last of the “Africa” countries because the remaining countries of Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, (and possible Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea), kind of do a radical culture change, something that I am really looking forward to. No more Lions, and monkeys, and such, but different types of people, food, landscapes, and travelers.

In Uganda so far I have stopped at Jinja which is home to the Source of the Nile (river rafting) and Lake Victoria. I did a couple of days there just to spot things out. I haven’t decided if I will do the rafting trip, but I will decide later on my way out of the country. I am 60-40 against at the moment.

Right now I am in the capital city of Kampala, just taking it easy and hanging out with a couple of Israeli travelers. Israel is a country I am looking forward to so have been getting a lot of information from them. Also met a guy from Russia who is part of a traveling club in Russia who help travelers. That ought to be very helpful later.

Next off is a ride out to the East and to do some trekking to the lakes region, the Ssese Islands, and possible to a Chimpanzee Reserve.

Thats about all.

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  1. Marisa says:

    I found out early on to always tell the bus driver where one wants to go. Was extremely useful in China where I took a bus to the airport. At one point, the bus matron yelled at me to get off the bus even though the airport was no where in sight. She made me go with another passenger who hailed a taxi to the airport! In Italy, the bus driver dropped me off right at the campsite instead of the regular center of town bus stop thus saving me the 3 km walk.

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