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Namibia touring

Just a quick run through as I will be out of internet range for a while as we head into Etosha National Park to take some pics of some “big game” and maybe pee on a Black Mamba.

We stopped just across the border at the Orange River lodge and camped out right on the Orange River.

Ai-Ais to visit the second deepest canyon, Fish River Canyon.

Desert camping in Aus and a quick run to the ocean to visit the German built town of Luderitz.

The world famous and amazing Red sand desert of Sossosvlei in the Namib desert.

And now, the tourist town of Swakopmund which is the adventure center of Namibia but its freaking cold and all we did was stay in our really nice hostel and took naps (my suggestion).

Thats it for now, gotta roll.


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