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Motorcycle for sale.


Maintenance history.

Anybody interested in buying the Schwinn?

Currently, I am in Delhi hanging out getting ready to move on so the bike has to go. The risk level has dropped considerably, however the fun factor has as well so I am looking to get to Asia as soon as possible. I’ve got time and t.v. so no huge rush, but it is a stress in my life and I can’t have that. Not sure about picking up another bike in Asia, I’ll have to do some research first.

Otherwise, just relaxing in Delhi.

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2 responses to “Motorcycle for sale.”

  1. judy says:

    Hi Steve,

    Excellent ad!! With your ability to organize information, write and now do graphics, you SHOULD write a book!

    Hurricane Omar just missed us with very little damage (WHEW!) but hit STX kinda bad messing up about 40 boats, downing poles, trees, flooding and a lot of the island is still without power.

    Avocados are in. Yumm!

    Good luck in selling the Schwinn. Can’t wait to hear about Asia! Are you going to Japan? And after that? Oh, I’ll wait to hear. Have a nice rest. Cheers, judy

  2. Tarun says:

    Umm…it seems a bit confusing to me. Do you mean $30000 or Rs 30000? Logically, It got to be the latter but still would be nice if you write it like Rs X (=$ Y).

    Nice travelogue btw.

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