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Montezumas revenge?


A major part of a trip to Mexico involves the old Montezumas revenge. It is like a tourist activity on its own which gets a lot of headlines, but not much popularity. Don`t drink the water, don`t eat the food, don`t brush your teeth with tap water, etc. It is a major topic of any Mexican vacation, so I was looking forward to it. For some reason though, it seems that I have become somewhat diarrhea resistant. As I traveled throughout Central America with no ill effects, I started to believe that maybe it is strictly a Mexico thing where the government adds e. coli or shigella to the water much like in the US but where they add fluoride and chlorine. But after almost three weeks of eating and drinking strictly street food with nothing to show for it, I guess I am just going to miss out on a big part of going to Mexico, kind of like missing Tijuana. As a matter of fact, the last two-step that I had was in India on the northern Himalaya ride I took and where I got my strength back from eating Momo`s from the monks temple. Oh well, I guess I am now at the iron gut level of being able to eat diarrea out of a sick pigs ass. Not sure, but I think I can.


3 responses to “Montezumas revenge?”

  1. Jonna says:

    Dude! I’ve been reading your blog since you left the Caribbean and you’ve put some gross stuff up – popping the bugs/worms out of your head in the Amazon comes to mind. But… you really did put up a picture of your shit? I’m glad you have survived the germs of Mexico. I wasn’t really concerned considering some of the really nasty stuff you’ve eaten in other parts of the world. However, if your cast iron stomach doesn’t hold up here in mi Mexico lindo y querido, please don’t post the result 🙂

    I’m glad you’re enjoying it here, good pics of DF. I was going to invite you to dinner if you had come this way – I live in Merida, Yucatan. This is a great country, I hope you return and enjoy it again. Don’t disappear when you get back to Calif OK? I think I’d have major separation anxiety if I never heard how you were doing.

  2. MArtha says:

    Sounds awesome! I just came back from mexico last week and find myself addicted to these incredible enchilada recipes now!! Must go back next year sometime, I think, and this time head off of the beaten path a little. Looking to reading more!

  3. Shakita Slot says:

    Thanks for that. I moved away from mexico when I was really young, and I really want to rediscover my heritage. I’ve been trying out a lot of random mexican recipes, and the best I’ve found yet is this taco recipe – it totally remind me of my childhood. I dont remember much of it except for the lovely smells and delicious food on every street corner.

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