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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…. I’m on Vacation.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Mom, I’m still okay.

I’m running into some Visa issues so I am just going to take my annual vacation from my vacation over the holidays kind of like normal people do. Not going to and have not done anything worthy of writing about so I haven’t posted anything. Probably going to be this way for a bit so don’t expect much. I am hiding out in a small town on the Mediterranean in Syria. I have a tv with satellite (195 channels but only 8 in English, who would of thought there were that many Arabic channels.), places where I can get turkey and cheese sandwiches, fries, cole slaw (really good cole slaw I might add), pizza, cheeseburgers, frosted flakes, schwarmas, Snickers (new, temporary addiction), Coke/Pepsi, and other just like back home kind of foods. I’m not complaining. No, wait, they have no McDonalds here in Syria. Also, it is freaking cold in the Middle East. Some places it is snowing so I can’t even get there. Who would have thought that. Man, I am just learning stuff like crazy. Where I am at the weather is a bit more tropical but still gets a slight chill at night.

I am trying to make arrangements to spend the New Year in Bahrain with my friend Meis that I met in Lebanon. Other than that, not much happening.

Happy EID, Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, etc…..


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3 responses to “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…. I’m on Vacation.”

  1. Dan says:

    As a long time reader, I want you to know that I really appreciate your taking the time to post your travels. Hate to make you blush, but you are a really good writer! All the best –

  2. snw2srf2stt says:

    Hello and thanks Danny.

    What I am really good at is watching tv. Eating crap is probably fairly high up there as well. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

    Happy Holidays,

  3. Marisa says:

    Yo, Wishing You Happy Trails for 2008.
    Keep warm and try not to get yourself killed 🙂

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