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Map of South-East Asia route


Just to put in perspective of how much riding I’ve done. It’s been a pretty good road trip so far. Sasha is doing damn fine if you ask me. I’ll have to pull out the map and try and calculate how many kms/miles I have done so far. Now just got to do the north and south of Thailand and figure out my escape route.

A larger file for better view.


5 responses to “Map of South-East Asia route”

  1. Karie says:

    WOW even tho I follow this blog I din’t realise how much you have travelled. 🙁

  2. Dan says:

    Nice to have you back online.

  3. snw2srf2stt says:


    Thanks. Good to be back (and caught up). I have been doing this for a while and sometimes you just gotta take a break.


  4. brett says:

    steve, can i ask a favour. im doing a similar route in SEA and was wondering where oyu got that detailed map from? ive scouring the net so i can do a similar thing. if you could let me know it’d be great.

    cheers brett

    ps….impessive blog!

  5. snw2srf2stt says:

    Brett: I just found the map using yahoo. I think though I found it by searching for a map of an individual country, in this case Vietnam (why it is highlighted). The one website had all the south east asia countries in a similar format. I unfortunately don´t know for sure which one. If I get a chance I will take a browse as well.


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