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Managua, Nicaragua: Danger, danger.

My next destination was the capital city of Managua. I was actually pretty hesitant about going there and to be honest was thinking about bypassing it. Most people I had met either arrived and quickly dived into the nearest hotel and were out the first chance they got, or were robbed. I don’t know why I let it worry me as it was not like I was just arriving or had never traveled in a foreign country before. One of the issues that Managua has it that the bus system is sort of odd. Instead of having a main bus terminal or maybe a couple for different directions in which you were traveling, they were split up amongst the city by carrier and destination. What this meant is that you could arrive in one terminal but have to go across town to another bus station which serviced your destination. The other issue with Managua is that because of the earthquake in 1972 which pretty much leveled 200 square blocks around the city central and were later found to be littered with fault lines which caused city developers to build haphazardly outwards. Much of the capital is basically a wasteland with the only people inhabiting the area are illegal squatters and political refugee camps. Luckily my minivan connection point was only about three kilometers from the backpacker area so although highly recommended to take a taxi, I just walked it. I crossed through large expanses of fields, partly destroyed buildings, and many closed businesses. I could see why that walking was not usually done. You were left quite exposed and in a not so safe area. The downtown area was the same. It was only a kilometer away from the backpacker area but it was also highly recommended to go by taxi. I could see it was for the same reason. The lady at the hostel where I stayed kept telling me to be careful in the neighborhood everytime I left. In the end, I had no troubles as using my general air of caution and offensiveness I didn’t get into any sense of trouble. On a positive note, there were great mamas places all over the neighborhood so I ate really well. I also had a good tv with cable in my room so I got my fill of tv shows. So far, Central America has the best tv connections that I have seen. Lots of English channels with all the usuals in one.

This is the central roundabout in the downtown area. Nothing and nobody around. That is why the area can be a bit sketchy. If you get into trouble, there is nobody around to help you.

Decent views from the top of the hill. Lakes, volcanoes, the usual.



This is a famous church that was hit by the earthquake before it could be finished. Now it stands half completed with little chance of reconstruction. If you look at the bottom photo, you can see that it is also bullet ridden. Kind of like in Beirut and the Republic of Congo where the buildings still show the scars of war.


Some photos showing the earth quake damage to the church. I don’t think bondo is going to fix this thing.

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