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Lost in paradise with photos Montezuma, Costa Rica

You know its going to be a good day when you look up from the deck and see blue sky with puffy white clouds.


Rock formations created natural beach barriers all along the coast. You could walk intermittently between the beaches through the jungle detours.

Some of the larger rock formations created big tidal pools great for snorkeling. Looked very fishy to me.

The first falls. You could see how the top of the falls are slightly recessed. Many a dead tourist made a mistake of diving from the top and not clearing the rocks below.

The third pool had a rope swing and a big tree branch great for diving.

The third pool was the chill out spot.

The American girl whos dream it was to dive off the cliffs. She couldn´t do it. Her friend in the water was the only one to go.

From the top of the falls where I jumped.

35 feet from top to water. It was another 35 feet deep. Perfect for jumping and all for free.

Stage one: If he can do it maybe I can do it. It didn´t look that hard.

Stage two: The panic starts to set in so you start to ask for support and question the whole thing. How far do you jump? Is the water deep? Will it hurt? Repeat questions over and over until people start staring at you like your nuts.

Stage 3: Panic sets in and your body starts to shake. It started in her hands and in the end she was crying with full body shakes and she couldn´t stop looking down. Her boyfriend had to slowly peel her away from the edge. Great stuff.

Lots of Canopy zip lines all over Costa Rica. Something to get your adrenaline levels up.


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