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Lost fisherman with cash. Quepos, Costa Rica.

Unlike the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, the Pacific side was heavily developed and with a higher price tag. It is lined with surfer villages that are slowly being transformed to main stream resort places. I wanted to sample a bit of what the Pacific side had to offer but wasn´t looking to pay excessively for it. Quepos was a nice inroad destination with a touch of everything yet still not a mainstream beach destination. What most tourists come here for is either a bus change or to do some fishing. The fishing of course is a draw for me, but I knew what kind of fishing they offered. It was the same set ups that I had in Key West and in the Virgin Islands. State of the art boats rigged to the gills to catch the expensive trophy fish. $500 gets you a half day and closer to a grand if you wanted a full day of getting your line wet. Not a fat chance in hell I was going for that, but still it was a nice layover place, somewhat nostalgic like the Hemingway circuit towns with the fisherman bars, and some sort of festival with fireworks and all at night.

The lagoon port area with the ocean on the other side of the sand bar.

Main street.

The Grand Escape bar and restaurant. Place to go to talk fishing.

The bar area. I guess they collected hats.

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2 responses to “Lost fisherman with cash. Quepos, Costa Rica.”

  1. Marisa says:

    My friend has a finca in Quepos. Sorry we missed you.

  2. John says:

    My wife and I got married in Playa Ocotol and then spent 9 days down in the Quepos area earlier this year. We found it quite void of tourists as the US economy was impacting Costa Rica by keeping its streets empty of visitors. The people were fantastic and the area was great. I am jealous that you were just there.


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