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Leon, Nicaragua: I’m caught up.


Leon is much better than Granada in my perspective. A lot more of the colonial look without the restoration effect. There are a lot more of the churches with parks attached. The colonial zone is pretty much the entire city. It doesn’t have such a condensed tourist zone so it feels much more local than anything.


Leon is the heart and soul of Nicaraguas art, religion, and history. It is also damn hot. It is like 90F today. Damn.




I just got my haircut at a guys little barbershop which was right next door to this church. It was a single old school barbers chair in a very large room with no ceiling just tall wide open space to the roof which was hole pocked and covered with pigeon nests.

My plan is to visit the highlands to the north which is basically because I need some airconditioning (natural). From there I need to cut my way through Honduras to El Salvador. I might stop at the capital of Honduras as it is close to the south east so I won’t have to make my way back when I do my travels through Honduras. I also might head to the beach first as I haven’t been in a couple of weeks. Could possiby hold out until El Salvador. Slowly but surely I am heading home.


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