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Last stop: La Palma, El Salvador

I could have made it after a long day, but I wasn´t under much time constraint and was looking forward to another relaxing spot in El Salvador before crossing into Honduras. Checking the old LP guidebook it showed a nice little mountain town fairly close to the border. It was another perfect climate mountain town but it has an artistic flair as the originator of the El Salvadorean Näive Art which is a style which El Salvador is known for around the world. The painter Fernando Llort first started the style here and he taught the locals to utilized the style. So now, on top of the many paintings and painted trinkets that come from the local population here, many of the houses and shops display the art form while it is possible to look into houses and watch the inhabitants painting away. I was surprised at how small the little village is but it also gets enough tourist traffic that all the normal tourist amenities are all within the two roads that pretty much make up the town center. For me, I really connected with the covered rooftop which houses a perfect laying hammock with views of the town on one side and the mountains behind.

And the next day concluded my romp through El Salvador.






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