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Kitwit, the straw that broke the camel’s (my) back.

I get dropped off at the center of town in front of the hotel my traveling buddy recommended as a cheap place. $35-100US for rooms, idiot. I was through with that guy and didn’t care if we met up again. The reception guy was cool and told me where to go for a $8US room. At the other reception the guy asks me if I have been to Immigration yet. I told him that was the second thing I was going to do after I took a quick bucket bath. No problem. 10 minutes later just as I was getting dressed a knock on the door. Whooo hooooo Santa Claus. Nope, fucking Immigration guy. Son of a bitch. He asks if I had been to immigration yet. Nope, I said I was just on my way. I find out he lives at the hotel. Just great. He wants me to pay for a taxi and I tell him nope, I wasn’t paying a dime for immigration services. We walk and he bitches. A half an hour later we walk into the immigration and meet his boss. They take a look at my passport and the guy gets all excited. He starts telling the other guy that my visa has expired and runs to tell his boss. These guys have American dolla bills dancing in their eyes. He comes back in a serious state and tells me that there is a problem and that my passport is out of order. I already knew what the problem was. They look at the visa issue date and figure that as the starting point. They deal with so few tourists that they don’t understand the visa starts when you enter the country. I explain and show them the terminology (which is in French) that it starts on the date I entered in from Zambia. The guy gets depressed and runs off to talk to his boss. He comes back and says there is no problem. Then he says that I need a new visa as mine will expire in 5 days. I tell them no thanks, I would be driving to Kinshasa and then going across the border to the Republic of Congo and then getting a new visa when I came back to the DRC. He tells me no that I did not have enough time and that I must buy a visa from them and gives me a price that is $50 mor than what the visa actually costs. He has the gall to tell me that they won’t give me a visa in Kinshasa. Fucking idiots. I am tired, hungry and through with dealing with the shit. Three hours I was dealing with those idiots until I finally told them that I was through. I was going back to the hotel, getting some food, and sleeping. They agree as long as I go with the officer to get copies of my documents and a folder for my dossier. Finally, when that was done (I had to pay for), they let me go but they held my paperwork until I came back to finalize my itinerary.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking a nap (and getting eaten up by mosquitoes- second option for my upcoming malaria), getting some food (some sort of chicken substitute,) and walking around the prototypical dusty one street port town (again the guy telling me how modern and full of conveniences the city was, bullshit.) The part about the chicken substitute was because the five times I have eaten chicken in the Congo I am only confident twice was it actually chicken. For example, this stufff I bought off the street looked like the ass end of a chicken with its tail. It was fried so it looked like chicken. The difference was that it was all fatty and it was almost all bone. The meat was kind of gelatinous and the bone wasn’t from any chicken I had ever seen. Just freaky, but I am a monkey eater so oh well.

That night as I was relaxing and reading my last book, a knock on the door. There at the door is the immigration idiot. He says he has two options for me. He tells me I can buy a visa and $20US for a stamp or I could just pay $20 for a stamp. I told him that I don’t need either and that I wasn’t dealing with him and slammed the door in his face. He stood out there a couple of minutes and then finally left. I had had it. I just didn’t want to deal with the shit anymore. I just wanted it all to be over.

The next day while looking for transport to Kinshasa and finding out the only options were by boat which took over a week, and by cargo truck which took 10-14 days, I bumped into a guy that heard me asking about transport. He said he had just talked to his friend that was driving a church group to Kinshasa to pick up supplies. He called the guy and I met him a few minutes later. They were just about to leave and if I paid for fuel they would be able to take me.

I took a taxi to the immigration office and told them that I was going to fly but I needed my documents to get my ticket. They gave me my paperwrk and told me to meet the immigration guy at my hotel and he would go with me to get the ticket. I told them fine in one hour. i took the paperwork, went to the hotel, grabbed my pack and headed back to the meeting place with the truck. We left 15 minutes later with me hiding in the back of the land cruiser.

I was free. Unfortunately, I learned that the trip would take at least 48 hours if everything went right. I figured it was a toss up as it was the Congo and shit never works out in regards to time, but I offset that with the fact that we were transporting things for God, so maybe it would come out even. Either ways, I was out of that trap of Kitwit.

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