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Juayua, El Salvador: Quaint tourist trap.


In the highlands of the North-west is the area called Ruta de flores (Flower route). It is basically a 36 km stretch of highlands where during October and February the hillsides bloom with flowers. There are small quaint villages along the route but I decided on stopping at the most touristic one, Juayua. Now, I am not a big touristic destination person especially when it deals with flowers, but towns like these are kind of nice because although being tourist oriented, they are very picturesque, artsy, and have a somewhat happy vibe. The other claim to fame the town had was the weekend food festivals. Okay, I´ll admit it, I came because I wanted food. Someone had a brilliant idea to set up an international food fair where you could not only get the typical local food, but food from all over the world. This was not only a plus for the people from other places in the world who were dying for something from back home, but it was also was a draw for the majority of visitors who were locals who came to taste the international cuisine. They served everything from special juices, ice creams, sweets, to typical street foods, and in the eating booths tons of main course fare. The streets were lined up with covered booths selling all your normal shiny, brightly colored tourist crap, pirated dvds, and all your normal household needs. It was all done up rather nicely and it made for a nice weekend of strolling around in perfect weather conditions, sampling a bunch of food during the day, and at night walking around and eating at the local food stalls spotted throughout the town. There were also live bands and “praise God” yellers waking up the cool night. I spent a few extra dollars for a set up pad and had my first hot shower since Panama. All done, it was a nice weekend and I give a thumbs up for the occassional tourist trap.


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