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Island hopping.

Coming south means islands, thousands of them. My goal is to visit a few and miss a lot. I’ve gotten beach and island fever so although quite picturesque, just not what I am in the mood for.
Phuket (pooget) is probably Thailands number one beach resort location. I dabbled with skipping the whole thing as there was this really convenient bypass road that would have made a great shortcut, but with the free visa extension I had a few extra days so I figured I would at least check it out. Leaving Khao Sak which was rainy and overcast the whole time I was there turned to blue skies and white puffy clouds as I rolled across the small bridge to Phuket. It was amazingly clear and the air smelled and felt like it had just been washed. One thing I didn’t realize was how big this island was. I would estimate it was about 60X25 kilometers as the crow flies. It’s really big. There are a lot of bays with beaches surrounding the island and are almost categorized by moderately expensive to really expensive depending on what resorts have bought the property around the beach. It’s an international getaway so it takes some big bucks to lie around the beach here. I wasn’t interested in that part of it anyway so chose the recommended backpacker area of Phuket city which is on the east side of the island and away from the real beach areas. I figured I could just take a few rides to the beaches but still live away from the tourist zones. It worked out okay as I did a half morning ride to a couple of beaches on the west coast, but the ring road was like a roller coaster as the area is semi-mountainous. I was having to run in first gear at the peaks of some of the mountains and figured that couldn’t be good for Sasha. After two nights I was through and headed off island back to the mainland. All in all, I think the island thing is a bit overrated as I really don’t see any difference between the mainland beaches/coastline and the islands. Oh well, there are thousands of them so you have to at least visit ten.

My next stop was Phang-Nga, home of the world famous James Bond Island (The Man With the Golden Gun movie). The freeway runs straight through the town and actually forms the main road. The town is flanked by towering karsts making it much like in north Vietnam. Very picturesque with the exception of hanging power and phone lines everywhere. ..

I had already known the tour that takes you to visit the islands was going to be pricey as I had seen many ads for it in Phuket. They wanted a 500B for a four hour tour by longboat which would visit some mangroves, caves, and James Bond Island. I quickly vetoed the idea and figured that I would drive around the bay and see if I could get some nice overview shots of the bay. Well, you can not only not access the bay, but you can’t even get by the ocean. They were really smart in that they created the boat piers inland in some tributaries so you can’t actually visit the bay without a boat. I tried side roads, trails, and hill climbs to see if I could see anything, but no luck. I’ve had better luck sneaking on government installations. You have to protect the money I guess.

James Bund island. Just like the real James Bond island except this one is surrounded by prawn farms and palm trees.

James Band island is right when you come into town.

James Bend island looks over the center of town.

I got all three of these James Bondesque islands on the alternate site locations for James Bond movie tour. Cost was free!!!!!

So that’s where I’m at and tomorrow I will be heading to I think my last Thai island on the Andaman ocean side which will be around Krabi.


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  1. Karie says:

    I so love James Bond so “yayyyyy” 🙂

  2. I’m so envious… can’t wait to go there and see it for myself!

  3. Karie says:

    Where are you off to next, I look forward to when you start your next adventures 😉

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