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India vs. Pakistan: The peaceful battle of the Honor Guards


With the recommendation by Blog reader Acidspike, I made the 30 km. dash to the Pakistan/India border at Attari/Wagah. I had kind of idea what was going to happen, but I was not aware of how popular the event is with Indian tourists. There were probably about a thousand Indian tourists and about fifty foreigners. The whole thing was very commercialized from parking, vendor food stands, border guard guideing foot traffic, custom arena style seating (on both sides of the border), piped in “Who let the dogs out” Indian style sporting event music to get the people riled up, and a bunch of border Nazi’s (again Soup Nazi for Seinfeld) keeping everybody seated and jammed together. The actual event was about fifteen to twenty minutes and was mirrored on both sides with about 8 border guards dressed in their drill similar style drill outfits (although the Pakistani’s with their all black uniforms were much more intimidating looking), doing correographed high stepping, saluting, in your face marching. Even though foreigners are given front section seating, it is still kind of far from the actual border gate where the mutual performing goes off. Supposedly the guys go nose to nose for a bit, but without the actual pushing and shoving that happens in a beer bar. Once the dances are done, each side brings their flags down, the guys march away, and everybody makes a run for their vehicle. Overall, a nice event to round out the day.

And with free wireless internet in my room, bam, you get to see it first, same day. Just like CNN.


Thats me, right now, sending you almost live coverage. I picked up three big mangoes and a big bag of popcorn on the way home. The bag broke and I had to ride back with three big mangoes and a bag of popcorn shoved down my pants. Now I understand why tourists wear pajama pants. Those guys driving around in their convertible Porsches use a sock in their pants, not me on my Schwinn, fruit and popcorn, that gets the women looking.

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    You are TOO MUCH!!!!!! I love it! j

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