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I am Africa Man

Just a quick update as things are still slow and expensive on the internet front. I wanted to spend some time responding to some of the comments as I was way over due and always thankful when people have good things to say. Lots of friends that I have met whom I still want to keep in contact with.

Anyways, Since Namibia, we have ventured through Botswana, chasing everything and anything. Definitely a lot of wild life there. After Botswana it was up to the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe to check out the Victoria Falls (one of the seven wonders of the world) and to watch all the tourists drop a $100US to do any type of activity. I decided lounging at the pool and napping were more my speed at the moment so I slept through the “action adventure capital of Africa.”

Now we are half way through Zimbabwe in the second largest town of Bulawayo (sp?). Taking a break to stock up on supplies and do some internet before heading to our tenth major park.

Animals wise, we were extremely lucky to see a Leapord in a park in Zimbabwe which wrapped up the “Big Five- Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, and Leapord.” We of course have seen all the other exotics enough to the point where Giraffes and Zebras rank up there with seeing overweight tourists in Safari hats.

A couple more weeks left before heading down through South Africa back to Cape Town where I will probably spend a week resting and uploading photos. From there up the east coast and on to Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, etc.

Travel has been fairly smooth with the exception of one accident. Andrea the Argentine girl didn’t quite let us know that she couldn’t drive. She gave her license and paid the extra driver fee, so we never asked. In Namibia, Daniel and I were a bit beat so we asked her to drive for a while. After sitting there staring at the steering wheel and all the pedals, and doing a clutch drop which killed the car, she explained to us she didn’t know how to drive. Great. We spent the next few days teaching her the ropes a few times a day. Well, one day we were driving down one of Namibias dirt roads and a Meer Cat popped up. A Meer cat is basically a squirrel that sits up on its hind legs and stretches up like its looking for something. Well, one of the bastards decided to run into the middle of the road and pop up. Andrea saw the thing and did exactly what I warned her not to do. She tried to swerve, (I specifically drilled it into the both of their heads to KILL anything that runs in front of us rather than trying to swerve and ending up in a ditch with me injured or dead), and of course the car went out of control and she did the second thing I said not to do, panic. This caused her to floor the accelerator which ended up spinning us out at 100km finally coming to stop on a luckily flat area off the side of the road. Tow of our tires had rocks wedged between the bead and the tire so we had to return back to the gas station we had just left and where she was hopping around about how she wanted to drive. No injuries and just a few Nam$’s to have the tires popped off and on. Her confidence level was shattered, but it was good because she was getting a bit too cocky anyways. For me, never even raised the heart beat. As we were spinning around, I was thinking “I wonder if my heart is beating faster.” Nope.

I have decided that I am going to try and make it through the center of Africa via the Congo and the Central Africa Republic. Supposedly the “Heart of Darkness” is there, so I want to see it.

So thats about it for now. Got to go look at some precariously hanging rocks and white/black Rhinos.



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  4. Clive & Heather says:

    Hi Steve
    Really great to see you are now in Africa a place we will visit one day but not this trip . We are still in South America and currently in Northern Peru Chacapoyas close to the Amazon Basin. We just logged onto your website because we couldnt remember if you got here or not. We had a great time in Argentina and Bolivia, we actually spent just under a month in Bolivia in the end.
    Whilst in Bolivia we bumped into Imogen and went out for a few drinks . Anyway not long left for us now we fly home from Rio on the 21st of August. For reasons beyond our control we are not going to get to northern Brazil its along story . But t o shorten it we had a bag stolen containing a passport so we are having to wait in Peru until another passport is issued . Anyway look forward to reading more about your travels in the future when we are back home . Take care Heather and Clive