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Hwange National Park

Hwange (7).JPG
Pretty impressive view from my tent. You could see for miles and miles. At night I got to hear a few lions, hyeanas, and other questionable animals. Cool stuff.

Other Photos:
My cool new boots.
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Killer african hamster? No clue what this thing was.
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Our campsite was on the top of a protected plateau so it had a nice sunset view.
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Okay, you gotta really look, but there is a leapord in this picture. As we were driving, we rounded a turn and there was a leapord just lying on the side of the road. Everybody, including the leapord were pretty stunned. It actually stayed there for a bit but Daniel is the biggest chicken I have ever seen and rolled up his window. I then had to climb out my window to try and get a photo. It was walking away and I couldn’t keep it in my viewfinder and in focus. Finally, I just took a desperation shot in hope that I would get something. If you can see it, let me know. I swear it did happen. That was the conclusion of our “Big Five” search.
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