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Hurt me, Back to the beach. Tiwi Beach, Kenya.

Mombosa from my hotel.
Mombasa. Another place where showering is considered the dryest part of the day.

Shot out of my tent at Tiwi Beach.
The view out of my tent on Tiwi Beach.

M  bandit
This guy just popped his head into my tent while I was luckily there reading. A pretty cheeky bandit.

Beach shots Beach shots 2
Beach shots.

My best buddy.
Home sweet home.

Pretty colors
I thought this was a colorful shot. Tranquility.

Okay, I bitch and whine about the beach but yet I spend half my time there. Well, the same reason for the last safari is why the beach. From here on out it is going to be some overland stuff far from any beach, sand maybe, but no ocean. Plus, I spent $50US on a visa, so damn well going to use it.

Tiwi Beach, via Mombosa is on the south east corner of Kenya. Once I took a look at the map, I was depressed to notice that it was pretty damn close to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. In fact, it would have been so much easier if I would have made the couple of hour drive up from Dar to Mombosa rather than back in land and then right back where I was. Just another favorite thing of mine, ten hours travel one way, and then turning right around for another ten hours ride right over the same set of tar. Just beautiful. Oh well, I’m tan, and I know the area really well.

Mombosa is Kenya’s second largest town and almost a replica of Dar es Salaam. There is a heavy Muslim population with a great beach flavor. Found another Somalian restaurant where I stuffed my face and tried to get my body back into shape (Fanta belly). Other than that, it was steaming hot and nasty, where the weather was concerned. I made it a couple of days before making a run out to the beach and miles of endless beaches.

Tiwi Beach and Twiga Lodge where I stayed was one of the few places that allowed camping, so that was a further reason why I went to the beach. They had an excellent camping area right on the top of the beach under palm trees. How can you beat that? Monkeys and firewood thats how. Lots of monkeys hanging around just waiting to rip you off if you left any shred of food lying around even to the point where they know how to unzip your tent fly. Firewood for a beach fire was good as well as it just got swept ashore so all you had to do was wait until the evening so that it had a chance to dry out, gather up an armload, and you are cooking. Nice.

Now, I am back in Nairobi, where it is nice and cool and the hostel has satellite tv and there is a few shelves of books to trade for. Just outside is a guy selling local food out of a pot and I can get cheap sodas as well. I am happy here.

Box two of tourist stuff was shipped today as well as I might make a run to Uganda this weekend. One box cost $40US to ship (up to three months), outrageous. Oh well, thats the last of the tourist stuff for a while.

Beyond that, nothing. Just life on the road.


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