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Home of the Marlboro men: Esteli, Nicaragua


The guidebook describes Esteli as where the men are more Marlboro than Central American. It is home to the countries central tobacco and coffee processing areas and a place that is still mostly down home Nicaraguan. That sounded good to me as there is a 32% chance that when I go home I might become a cowboy. After the chill up on the hill I was looking for some warmth. Esteli turned out to be much like Matagalpa with cool days and slightly chill nights, perfect. I was expecting a bunch of dudes walking around in cowboy hats and six shooters, but I think those days are over, at least in the city that is. The city itself was rather Nicaraguan made up of your usual assortment of stuff with a church and park in the center. As the area was one of the first areas where foreigners came to help out the people after the war, there is a touch of westernization to it as the roads are actually signed and laid out in a understandable pattern. Unfortunately as I stated earlier, the cowboy days must have ended since the two years the guide book has been out as the above picture with the two guys on horses were the only cowboyish thing I saw my three days there. I looked too including hanging out at the market where it was just fruits and vegetables with no shit kickers in sight. Now, I did see two British & American tabacco warehouse places and a van that advertised, that was about it for the whole thing. Pretty lackluster but oh well. It was a nice non’touristy place and I would recommend it just for that. Apparently they have a lot of spanish schools because of the old influx of foreigners and would make a good place to study. Other that that I was out and on my way to the last of Nicaragua.

Leather goods were a good sign.




Now, I havenĀ“t posted any market shots in a long time so here are a few of Estelis markets. Exotic fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cabbage, oranges…


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