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Holy crap it’s been three weeks already.

In actuality it is three weeks and three days but it takes a few days after realizing it’s been three weeks that if you don’t hurry up and write up something about holy crap it’s been three weeks already that you will be delving into having to write holy crap it’s been three weeks and holy crap it’s been three weeks part II.

I am still in Narathiwat and I am sure you can guess what I have been doing (no it is not having sex with my downstairs love counselors.) Approximately 22.5 hours a day I am fishing, or more specifically getting my line wet (no that does not mean having sex with the girls below). I mean 22.5 hours of every day for the last three weeks and three days including today which is only half over where by I have fished for approximately 12 hours. But Steve, how can that be? It doesn’t seem possible. To simplify the explanation, I will reverse the explanation and give you the calculations for the lesser time of when I am not fishing ie. getting my line wet. In fishing, it has firmly been established that you are much more likely to catch a fish when your line is in the water than when it is not (I put that in because I want to deflect a bit of the “damn, that guy is freaking fish insane). Well, the largest chunk of time comes from the cumulation of time that the line is out of the water when I am either changing/replacing bait, repairing lost tackle (snagged and broke the line or fish cut off), or changing tackle set-ups (yea- when you fish for 22.5 hours a day you need to vary it up a bit.) I was going to write up a bit about my fishing recommendations for Narathiwat, but it would be a bit cumbersome as I have been endlessly modifying my techniques (think Forest Gump and the guy explaining all the thing you can do with shrimp, in my case, weight on top, weight on bottom, sliding weight, pinned weight, heavy weight, light weight, no weight, etc. etc. etc.) Oh yea, taking a fish off the hook ranks kind of high up there to. The second and only other time that my line is not wet is when I am having sex with the prostitutes down stairs. Kidding, come on, why would I need to take my line out of the water to have sex. Nah, really, the second and only other time that I am not fishing is the time frame it took me to go from fishing at the hotel to fishing on the ocean jetty. That I did five times before I learned that it was fruitless (sandy shallow bottom and way over fished). Well there was that time I ran out of bait in the middle of the night but I ended up tying my lighter to the line and tossing it out (remember scientifically speaking… plus, there is a chance that some stupid fish will see a rectangular, fluorescent orange, hard shelled, chrome headed minnow lying perfectly still on the bottom with a big hook sticking out of it and will think hmmmm maybe it tastes good.)

Beyond that, my prior post about 24 hours of my day is still pretty accurate. I have cut out lunch as my caloric input rate has skyrocketed with three markets and the night market as well as fishing not being a huge cardiovascular workout. Although I like the fisherman lifestyle, I will prefer to not have the prototypical fishermans body ( belly bulging to the point that they can prop their can of Coors light on their stomach and it won’t fall over.)


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