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Hola Guatemala: Puerto Barrios


What a painless border crossing. I am very enthused about this CA-4 agreement. One stop at the immigration to let them know I am jumping ship and off I go to Guatemala. Painless. Even changing money at the border was painless, I think I got more than I was supposed to. Mini bus waiting to take me to my final destination of Puerto Barrios. I thought there was going to be a bit of trouble when the minibus driver found out that most of the passengers were getting off halfway to head south rather than to head into town. I knew what was going to happen. They were going to do a tourist dump. I was going to be stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Nope, the guy explained to me that he had called his friend who would be picking me up in his minivan. He had me stay in the van as it was airconditioned and kept coming in to apologize and to tell me it wouldn´t be long. The guy came, they carried my bags over to the new van, explained that I didn´t have to pay anything more and said goodby. No problems. I made it to town which being a major port town and basically owned by the banana companies and was arranged as such, and was easily able to find my target hotel. I was settled and doing my scans of the town within a few hours of leaving Honduras.

I was in Puerto Barrios primarily because I like these types of working towns as well as the fact as it was the staging point for my next destination of Livingston which is a no road access town which requires taking a boat. Cool, looking forward to it. This also allowed me to get my usual new country orientation out of the way.

At the moment though, (I am up to date, whoopahhhh), a storm came in last night and today is a bit rainy and cold. What the hell is this shit. Cold is not good, and it is causing my mirror calm bay to be a bit choppy. I was looking for some nice Caribbean calm cruising weather for the hour or so ferry ride over to Livingston so I decided to take another free day and hope the weather clears tomorrow. From Livingston it is off on another boat which will take me to Belize, something I am also looking forward to. I am thinking Belize will be a bit different than the usual latin american countries and something I need at the moment. From there it will be back to Guatemala for a little more in depth look. And after that, drum roll please, my last country before heading home, Mexico.

Another place with no ocean access as the whole shore line is either residential houses, restaurants, or sea port.

Bananas is big business. This one is headed off to Europe. Bananas are about $.05 here.

Another amazing treat I found. One scoop of shaved ice, squirt on the orange syrup, pack the top with more shaved ice, add sweetened condensed milk, honey, strawberry jam, dehydrated and liquified mangos, sugar syrup, and a sort of honey banana concoction. Damn good. I named them helladelicious.

You know it is good when the bees follow you around. The guys cart was swarming.


2 responses to “Hola Guatemala: Puerto Barrios”

  1. EFie27 says:

    great shot of the bee!

  2. justin says:

    mir and i took that ferry…livingston is a weird little place.

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