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Happy New Years in Granada 2010.


After a stopover at my favorite transit town of Rivas, I was again on the move north to my potential New Years destination of Granada. It was still three days until New Years Eve and I was kind of stuck as I had heard that Granada was a nice place but really not for more than a couple of nights. The other option was spend a couple of days in Granada and go to my next stop which was only a few kilometers away which was Masaya, but there the primary draw was artisans. You know, tourist trinket stuff. You all must know how much I enjoy tourist crap so spending my New Years in a tourist crap factory just wasn’t overwhelming. So when I arrived in Granada and checked into this classic old style colonial converted hospedaje, I decided it was going to be alright for a moderate stay. I definitely would have had no problem had I found a place with tv, but it was really cheap and it had a porch area that overlooked the market area, so instead of dazing in front of the tv watching people, I spent a lot of time in a rocking chair dazing while watching actual people doing real life stuff.

Granada is one of Nicaraguas premier tourist destinations as it is one of the few places that had been restored to its colonial glory. Tourists are well catered to at all levels, and there are enough interesting things to keep a person busy for a few days. Even if you got tired of the city, there was the lake and as usual volcanoes to be climbed. My time I spent primarily rocking away, but I did venture out through the colonial neighborhoods which were paint washed in a kaleidescope of colors. My time did also include walking out of the touristy colonial facade and into the abstract poverty ridden areas a few blocks away where buildings were one step away from being mud structures. Central America is plagued with the American gangster syndrome and I started to notice the visual cues of organized crime, which I hadn’t seen in a long time.

New Years consisted of hanging out on the main tourist street which was about two blocks long which was lined with bars, restaurants, and converted hotels. The road is closed to traffic, so tables and chairs line the streets with more people outside than inside. One night was spent playing trivia at an Irish Pub (sad). For the midnight celebration, one of the pubs had bought a big box of fireworks and the staff was incharged with “blowing shit up”. It was kind of like these guys were given a couple of perks for working there ass off catering to a bunch of drunk tourists. One was they could keep any passed out hot tourist found under a table after closing and two they could blow shit up on New Years Eve. The highlights were the bull outfit covered in sparkling fountains which were lit and the volunteer ran through the crowds. The other was when the wind blew the mortar style rockets over and it started shooting shells into the crowd and parked cars. That got peoples attention fast and brought them into the reality that this wasn’t the regulated USA that they were in. After a midnights double cone at Eskimo, I was back at the hostel for a bit of rocking and then to bed by 2am.


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