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Guatemala couture: Antigua, Guatemala


After a long walk and a “chicken bus”, I arrived in the shining star of Guatemala. Pretty much all the latin american countries have one, a sort of made up town based on “what could be” or “wish things were like.” Spanish architecture dating back to the Spanish colonial time are reflected in what the town looks like now. Fairly spit polished (in Central American terms) with the ability to satisfy all levels of travelers needs five stars and down. It had a bunch of plazas and enough beauty to keep a photographer busy for a year. Drape three volcanoes around the town and you have Antigua. The best representation of Antigua was the McDonalds I surprisingly found. Buried along a busy cobblestone road you really couldnĀ“t tell it existed except when you were directly in front of the door. No garrishness allowed. Just a small Mcdonalds sign above a standard heavy spanish style door. Inside was spit shined modernity with staff plucked right out of a five star hotel. I think it was my first Big Mac since November 1, 2008, Bangkok, Thailand.

I did time it right to be there on a Sunday as we are getting closer to Semana Santa (Easter time) which is celebrated by weekly processions. The processions were basically the walking of Jesus and Jesus related memorabilia through the town stopping at the many churches. This brought out mass amounts of local and foreign tourists. It was kind of cool in that I could tell people that I had visited that dudes birthplace as well as where he died (outside Jerusalem or Kashmir, India) your choice. The most important part though was that they had a mass amount of food stalls at the park by where I stayed so I had all the usual typical stuff plus, get this, chocolate covered marshmallow kabobs. Sweet.


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